How to Migrate Store Database from Magento to BigCommerce: A Time-Saver Method

Magento has long ago become a synonym of power, extreme customizability and is often referred to as one of the best platforms for the enterprise. It has been around for quite a while and has grown one of the biggest communities of fans and developers around the world. All of this is true today, yet the era of Magento being...

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Shopware review

Shopware Review - A Winning Hand in High-Stakes Game

Today, our writers want gratitude from you. They’ve really done the impossible - reviewed Shopware. Researching this cart, in the English-speaking portion of the web, is like researching Bigfoot. Everybody...

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bigcommerce vs woocommerce

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce: Best eCommerce Platform for Small Business

Frequently, deciding between tons of available shopping carts may bring merchants into a stalemate. There are dime a dozen of eCommerce solutions that are currently floating around the Web market...

BigCommerce | 10 MIN READ
magento to shopify migration

An Exhaustive Step-By-Step Guide For Magento to Shopify Migration

Table of Contents: Magento vs Shopify What Can I Migrate from Magento to Shopify How can I protect my data? Will migration impact my SEO? Can I migrate design? How...

Magento | 14 MIN READ
shopify vs wordpress

Shopify vs. WordPress: Which is the Ultimate Store Builder for 2020? (7 Aspects Compared)

In 2019, the innovations and various improvements keep chasing the retail industry. But the eCommerce platform preserves the fundamental role. The more suitable app you choose, the more value it...

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how to upgrade magento 1 to magento 2

Magento 1 vs Magento 2. How Do I Know It’s Time to Upgrade?

The shopping cart upgrade is a crucial solution to remain one step ahead and cope with the competitive pressure. It is a forward-thinking way to give the e-store new capabilities...

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godaddy review

Is GoDaddy Good for eCommerce? Merciless GoDaddy Review

The multibillion GoDaddy Inc. is famous not only for its sexist advertising in the 2010s but also for being America’s biggest domain registrar and web hosting provider. In 2014 GoDaddy...

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