WooCommerce to Shopify Migration App by Cart2Cart

Searching for a way to switch WooCommerce to Shopify? Let Cart2Cart: WooCommerce to Shopify Migration App handle the replatforming for you and have peace of mind that it will be performed right.

Aiming to simplify the entire database migration process between various shopping cart solutions, Cart2Cart has intentionally developed migration plugins. Cart2Cart: WooCommerce to Shopify Migration App offers a fully automated migration framework where you only have to provide your Source and Target stores’ details, specify the types of data you want to migrate and the additional migration options, and that’s it - the App will do all the rest.

Smart Update Cost

Set up your Magento store

and install the Connection Bridge.


Configure your new Shopify store

and install the Magento to Shopify App.


Choose the data you want to migrate

and extra options to improve your migration result.


Run a Demo / Full migration

and enjoy your brand-new store.

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Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify is a straightforward task when using the Cart2Cart app. Another benefits of automated migration via the App include:

  • 5 min migration setup
  • Widest range of entities migrated
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Finest migration quality
  • Free Demo available
  • 100% uptime of the current store

Unfortunately, the design and 3rd-party apps migration is impossible using the Cart2Cart store migration app.

Smart Update Cost

The pricing itself is very flexible since it depends on the volume of data for the transfer. The minimal fee is $29.

Cart2Cart has a Migration Estimator that helps you establish your precise migration costs beforehand. Just enter the number of products, customers, orders, etc., you want to migrate to the new store - and get your migration price calculated for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to convert WooCommerce to Shopify via the Cart2Cart store migration app?

The final migration price depends on the number of moved data types and the additional migration options chosen. You only have to specify your Source and Target platforms in the matching fields of the Cart2Cart Estimator, and get the final price of your WooCommerce to Shopify replatforming calculated right after finishing the free Demo transfer.

Can I migrate products from WooCommerce to Shopify?

To move products from your WooCommerce store to Shopify via the Cart2Cart migration solution, just check the matching box on the corresponding step of the Migration Wizard, and get all your WooCommerce products transferred to Shopify automatically.

How to export customers from WooCommerce to Shopify?

To migrate clients from your existing WooCommerce store to the new Shopify, just click the matching box on the corresponding Migration Wizard step.

Can Cart2Cart WooCommerce Import app automatically transfer categories and subcategories to Shopify?

Sure, but keep in mind that due to Shopify's platform peculiarities, you have to choose the Migrate Shopify store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections additional option to save the connection between the entities.

Does Cart2Cart migration plugin move images from WooCommerce to Shopify?

Yes. Cart2Cart migration tool allows transferring products, categories, and also manufacturers images from your WooCommerce store to Shopify. Additionally, by selecting the corresponding extra option, clients can migrate images in descriptions of products, categories, and articles.

Is it possible to export customers' accounts from WooCommerce platform to Shopify?

Though Cart2Cart seo migration service supports transfer of customers, their accounts can not be moved because of the platform's peculiarities. When WooCommerce to Shopify import is finished, you have to send your existing clients welcoming invitations to recover their accounts.

Want to migrate to the new eCommerce solution but don’t know where to start? I’m here to answer all your migration-related questions.

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