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shopify to bigcom

How to Migrate Shopify to BigCommerce?

Like most of the top eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce benefited from the pandemic. Since 2019, around 20,000 stores have been added to the platform, with 37% migrating from Shopify. BigCommerce is a self-hosted solution that has all the necessary features for a successful online store. Merchants across the world are using it to run small, medium-sized, and large businesses online. Working with BigCommerce requires no coding skills, which adds to its popularity. This article will be useful for those wishing to migrate Shopify to BigCommerce and want to do so securely and with the least fuss. How do I import items from Shopify to BigCommerce? With a cart migration solution like Cart2Cart, migration from Shopify to Bigcommerce is simple. In order to transfer items from Shopify to BigCommerce, you need to first configure the Source cart and then specify the Target cart. Open the Cart2Cart migration wizard. You will see the...

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big cartel to shoplift

How to Switch from Big Cartel to Shopify?

Big Cartel is an eCommerce platform for artists and creatives that sell their creations online. Big Cartel allows users to sell art, jewelry, prints, music, magazines, pottery, candles, soap, and...

Migration Guides | 4 MIN READ
Magento 2 Data Migration

Magento 2 Data Migration for Non-Technical Users

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. It draws a lot of attention due to its robust functionality and vast customization opportunities. As a result, many companies migrate...

Magento | 12 MIN READ
BigCommerce to WooCommerce

How to Migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce: All-In-One Guide

Sometimes, it happens that the e-store outgrows its current platform, and merchants strive for more advanced functionality. That is where the concept of replatforming comes in. Today we'll show you...

BigCommerce | 8 MIN READ
squarespace tutorial

Squarespace Tutorial Explained for Beginners

Squarespace is a website builder you can use to create a website from scratch. Alternatively, you can use the drag-and-drop website builder to create a website with little to no...

Data Migration | 5 MIN READ
wp to shopify

Ultimate WordPress to Shopify Migration Guide

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to conduct sales from their WordPress website. Shopify, on the other hand, is not a plugin; it's an eCommerce platform with all...

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migrate virtuemart to woocommerce

How to Migrate from VirtueMart to WooCommerce: In-Depth Manual

When the upcoming store migration is on the horizon, it's about time to start planning ahead. While the whole process seems to be rather easy to cope with, the bitter...

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