Migration Preview Service

Run a Demo migration to the Cart2Cart test store and see how your current products, customers, and orders will appear on top eCommerce platforms without having the platform installed.

Migration Preview Service

Benefits of the Migration Preview Service

It's completely free of charge

and the setup takes minutes via the intuitive Migration Wizard

Top eCommerce solutions are supported

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopware

There's no limit to test migrations

that means you can perform it unlimited times until you find the right shopping cart

Complete admin access to the test store

so you can play around with it and make the final decision

How Does the Migration Preview Service Work?


Specify your Source cart

Choose your Source Cart and provide its URL.


Activate the Preview option during the Target cart setup

Select the Target cart and click the “Try migration using the Cart2cart test store” option. There’s no need to install the platform!


Run Demo migration

Move some of the store's data to the Cart2Cart test store and check the Demo migration results.


Launch Full migration

When happy with the outcome, reconfigure your Target cart details and launch a Full database transfer to a new live store.


Still wondering which eCommerce solution will suit you best? Perform several Demo Migrations and make a final decision!

How much Does It Cost?

Since the Migration Preview option is offered within a Demo migration, it’s absolutely free.

All you have to pay for is only the data & extra options you choose when performing the Full database transfer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will search engines index my data on your test store?

Cart2Cart temporary stores are located on our local servers and are fully closed for search engines. So, you don’t have to worry that Google will find your unique content in another directory.

How long my test store will be available after migration?

By default, Cart2Cart temporary store will be live for 3 days after Demo Migration. For this time you will be granted with administrator access credentials. Check the results from the front-end and back-end. At any time, you can go ahead to reconfigure your Target Cart info and perform Full Migration to an actual store.
Please note: all your data will be cleared from the temporary store 3 days afterDemo Migration is complete.

Can I try data migration if I don’t have a new store installed yet?

You can easily try a migration with Cart2Cart even without having the new (Target) shopping cart installed. Use the Migration Preview service, which allows running a free data transfer to a Cart2Cart test store based on the following platforms for free:

How much Migration Preview option costs?

Since Migration Preview option is offered within a Demo migration, it’s absolutely free. After finishing your Demo, you will be able to check the frontend as well as an admin area. Cart2Cart provides you with the administrator access credential for a temporary store.
Being satisfied with the results, you’d be able to proceed with the Full migration by reconfiguring your Target Cart details and transfer your Source Cart data to a live store.
Please Note: Cart2Cart Demo store will be live only for 3 days after performing Demo.

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