Cart2Cart Migration Preview Service

Test Drive Popular Platforms Without Installations in 5 Mins

Hard time choosing a new shopping cart for your store? Migration Preview is a free option designed to help the merchants who are not sure which shopping cart to migrate to. You can run a Demo migration to the Cart2Cart test store on one of the most popular ecommerce platforms without having a Target Store installed.

How It Works

So, if your store has outgrown the capabilities of the current platform, but you’re not sure which solution to choose next - try Cart2Cart’s FREE Migration Preview.

  1. Choose your Source Cart and provide its URL.
  2. Select the desired Target Cart and tick the “Try migration using the Cart2Cart test store” option. There’s no need to install the platform!
  3. Move some of the store’s data to the Cart2Cart’s test store for free.
  4. Check the Demo migration results.
  5. Launch the Full Migration of your store (Make sure you change the migration settings and move all data to YOUR new Target store).

Still wondering which eCommerce solution will suit you best? Perform several Demo Migrations and make a final decision!

What Makes Migration Preview a Great Starting Point?

Unlimited Test Migrations - FREE

There’s no need to pay extra money to try out the Migration Preview option. You’ll be granted access to Cart2Cart’s test store toll-free. You can run test migrations as much as you want!

Your Data. New Cart. No Installations

Wish to see how your store will look on WooCommerce or Magento? Try Cart2Cart! We will automatically set up a test store on the required shopping cart and run a Demo migration.

Admin access to Test store for 7 days

Cart2Cart’s test store will be live for 7 days after Demo Migration. You’ll have enough time to test both back- and frontend and check whether the platform’s good for you.

5-Minute Setup

You can try on a new platform for your store faster than your coffee gets cold.