Database Dump Migration Service

Extending your migration opportunities

What is Database Dump Migration?

At Cart2Cart, this means moving the data from an SQL database dump into the new shopping cart.

Why Bother Migrating Data from the Dump?

With a super user-friendly Migration Wizard at hand, why would anyone think of migrating data from an SQL database dump? Well, the answer is simple - it is sometimes the only way of switching to a new ecommerce platform. It is a way out if:

You’re worried about store security

When the company security guidelines prohibit third party access to the store backend and thus automated migration using Cart2Cart Wizard is not an option.

Your store isn’t available online

If your store is inaccessible for any reason (it’s been hacked, broken down, etc), you can use the database dump file to have the ecommerce data moved to a new shopping cart.

The automated migration is blocked by hosting

When an automated migration is blocked by our customer’s hosting provider (due to multiple requests sent to the server from our IPs over a short period of time) and our traditional methods of resolving this error won’t work, we can resort to database dump migration.

Why Database Dump Migration is a Great Alternative to Automated Migration?

No setup

All you need to do is provide the dump file and the rest will be taken care of by Cart2Cart seasoned techs.

No third party store access

You don’t need to provide us with store access details or install the connection bridge on your existing store, so there isn’t the slightest risk of your store protection being compromised.
We prioritize customer data protection for all of our services. Read Cart2Cart Security Policy for more info.

It’s manual

Although Cart2Cart is about automating everything that can be automated, sometimes manual work is the best solution. Migrating from the database dump is exactly the case. It allows moving the data as needed even for heavily customized stores, or for customers with specific migration requirements.

It’s performed by migration pros

With over 11 years on the market and 85+ supported platforms, Cart2Cart is an expert in the area of ecommerce migrations and our technical engineers, who have dealt with thousands of transfers, will make yours a success.

It’s more affordable than hiring a developer

Database dump migration with Cart2Cart will cost you a fraction of the price of hiring a web developer or an agency for the task of moving your store.

How does Database Dump Migration with Cart2Cart Work?

Since Database dump migration requires customizations, manual efforts, and personalized approach, it is provided only within Data migration packages. Our experts will help you pick the right package depending on the volume of data to be migrated and the requested customizations.

  1. You contact our migration experts to discuss the necessary customizations and requirements for your data migration.
  2. You purchase the suitable service package and provide your data source file.
  3. Our techs make the necessary customizations and run a Demo migration.
  4. You check and verify the Demo result
  5. We run Full data migration for you.
  6. You have 30 days to check its result and inform us of the discovered issues with the migrated data (if any) - we’ll fix everything and make sure you’re happy with the Migration result.

Schedule a consultation with Cart2Cart migration experts to receive a quote for your migration.