Database Dump Migration Service

Database Dump Migration allows moving the data from an SQL database dump into the new shopping cart.

Just provide your dump file, and Cart2Cart experts will do all the rest.

Database Dump Migration Service

When You Might Need to Migrate Data From the Dump?

and don’t want to grant access to your store to any 3rd parties

And all the store data is left in the database dump

due to multiple requests sent to the server from our IPs over a short time

for any reason (it’s been hacked, broken down, etc)

How Does Database Dump Migration With Cart2Cart Work?

You contact our migration experts

to discuss the necessary customizations and requirements for your database migration

You provide the dump file

for investigation by the Cart2cart experts and purchase the recommended Service Package

Cart2Cart experts make required customizations

and run a Demo migration for you

Cart2Cart experts run Full database migration

after you’ve verified the Demo results and are completely happy with the outcome


You have 30 days to check its result and inform us of the discovered issues with the migrated data (if any) - we’ll fix everything and make sure you’re happy with the Migration result.

How much Does It Cost?

Since Database Dump migration requires customizations, manual efforts, and a personalized approach - it is provided only within Data Migration Service Packages.

Our experts will help you pick the right Package depending on the volume of data to be migrated and the requested customizations.


Why Database Dump Migration is a Good Alternative to Automated Migration?

No setup is required

You only need to provide the dump file, and the rest will be taken care of by Cart2Cart experts

It’s completely secure

You don’t need to provide the store access details, so there isn’t the slightest risk of your store protection being compromised

It’s affordable

Database dump migration with Cart2Cart will cost you a fraction of the price of hiring a web developer or an agency for the task of moving your store

It’s performed manually

Although Cart2Cart is all about automating, sometimes manual work is the best solution. Migrating from the database dump is exactly the case

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I risk losing data from my existing store during the migration?

The Source (current) Store data isn't affected by the migration at all. In layman's terms, the data (products, customers, orders, etc.) is copied and pasted into your Target Store.

So, the migration process is totally safe for the migrated store, and there is no risk of losing any of the data. We guarantee 100% uptime and data security during the migration with Cart2Cart. In other words, you can keep selling while your Source Store data is migrated to the new platform.

Is it safe to provide your company with my access details?

Yes, absolutely. We do not transfer your access details anywhere and use them exclusively for the research and quick resolution of the problem.

To enhance data security even more, we recommend you go through two simple steps:

Create access only with restriction by IP. The list of IPs you need to add:
Once the issue is resolved, remember to delete the granted access.

Why is my migration taking so long?

The time of data migration depends on many outside factors we can’t control. The reasons causing a slow transfer might vary for different types of shopping carts.

The typical issues we face:
  • with open source carts, there is a large amount of data, firewall limitations (make sure Cart2Cart IPs are all in your whitelist), and a hosting that disallows Cart2Cart to process the requests quickly or simply blocks them
  • with hosted carts - API requests limit
  • also, there are some peculiar platforms (open source and hosted ones) that forbid access to their databases/APIs or give it partially. The only way to get files out of such carts is through CSV export, and if you’re migrating from one of them - the runtime will depend solely on the number of transferable entities.
The rule of thumb is the following: the fewer items you move, the less time it takes. If your store is huge, the transfer might take a little longer. Remember, we’re handling your data carefully, without rushing, to avoid any mixing or duplications.

Can I migrate pictures from my database dump?

While moving your store from a database dump, image migration is not provided as a default feature. To transfer your pictures, you should grant us access to a folder with images. After the migration is finished, we will upload them to your store.

Sounds interesting, right?
I’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

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Customer Care Manager
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