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Transfer all your Squarespace store products, orders, customers, categories, and other related entities to Shopify without any manual data import/export. An easy 4-step migration procedure doesn’t require any technical know-how.

Supported versions: Shopify , Shopify Plus

How to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify?

Connect your Source Cart

Enter its URL and API details necessary to establish the connection with your existing store.

Connect your Target Cart

Indicate your Shopify store URL. Install Cart2Cart plugin for Shopify and proceed with the migration setup within your Shopify Admin Panel.

Select the data to migrate

Mark the data types to migrate, match them to the corresponding Shopify ones and select extra migration options.

Launch your migration

Launch free Demo to see how Cart2Cart works. Proceed with the Full Migration and enjoy your brand new store in no time!

How to migrate from Squarespace to Shopify with Cart2Cart?

Connect your Source Cart

Enter its URL and API details needed to set up the connection with your existing store.

Connect your Target Cart

Enter your Shopify store URL. Install Cart2Cart app for Shopify and continue the migration setup within your Shopify Admin Panel.

Select the data to migrate

Select the data types to migrate, match them to the corresponding Shopify ones and choose additional migration options.

Launch your migration

Launch free Demo to see how Cart2Cart works. Move on with the Full Migration and enjoy your brand new Shopify store in no time!

Manual migration
Cart2Cart logo svg
Level of tech skills needed
Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)

Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)

Average migration duration
7 days

5 hours

10 hours
Extra features to refine the migration result


Free technical consultations


Average migration cost
(for store with 1 500 products)


Migration Preview (free try without a destination cart installed)
Level of tech skills needed

Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)


Average migration cost
(for store with 1 500 products)


Estimate your Migration Cost

The price of your migration depends on the volume of data to migrate and the additional migration options you pick. To check the price for Squarespace to Shopify conversion, click “Get estimates” and follow the suggested steps.

4.9 Total Score
255 reviews

What data can be migrated from
Squarespace to Shopify

1. Products
  • Name, SKU, Full Description, Status.
  • Price, Special Price.
  • URL, Meta Title, Meta Description.
  • Product Image, Additional Images.
  • Quantity.
  • Weight.
  • Product Variants (SKU, Weight, Quantity).
2. Product Categories
  • Name, Description, Status.
  • Meta Title.
  • Category Images.
3. Customers
  • First Name, Last Name, Email.
  • Customer Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Customer Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
4. Orders
  • ID, Order Date, Order Status Note! If you are using any marketing Shopify plugin like Conversio, turn it off during the eCommerce data migration in order to disable email notifications on creation of new orders. More info. , Order Products (Tax Value, Final Price, Name, SKU), SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price.
  • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
5. Coupons
  • Name, Coupon Code, Type Discount, Discount Amount.
6. Blogs
  • Title, SEO URLs.
7. Blog Posts
  • Title, Full Description, Short Description, Tags, SEO URL, Author, Blog IDs, Comments.
  • Images.
8. CMS Pages
  • Title, URL, Status, Content Heading.

Additional Options

Clear Target Store data before migration

Will delete all data from your Shopify store


Migrate Short & Full descriptions

They will be moved into one description field


Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

Keep your Squarespace URL structure on Shopify


Move images from products, categories, blog posts descriptions

Those included in the descriptions


Set products quantity to 100 on Shopify store

To check how the migration works for out of stock products


Self-service data import for beginners


Use Cart2Cart to smoothly transfer your Squarespace data to Shopify and start selling in your brand new Shopify store in no time

Mid-sized business

Invisible tool to migrate ecommerce info between 85+ platforms

Starting from2 migrations
/per account

Save time and focus on challenging tasks while Cart2Cart does the heavy lifting with your customers' data migration at a discounted price

Ecommerce professionals

Ultimate database migration tool


Simply inform us about your migration requirements. We will transfer all the records from Squarespace to Shopify for you, from A to Z.

Large enterprise

“Cart2Cart is a phenomenal migration tool that saves us time, a lot of energy and money... If we had to put in the man hours, it would literally cost us 10x the amount Cart2Cart actually cost.”

Jason Sidana, Co-Founder of Midknight Genius,
Web Design&Development Agency, NY

Squarespace to Shopify migration FAQs

What is the actual price for Squarespace to Shopify migration?

Thanks to Cart2Cart`s flexible pricing policy, the migration price depends on the volume of transferable data and the extra migration options you select. Simply choose your Source and Target platforms in the matching fields of the Cart2Cart Estimator and get the price of your Squarespace to Shopify migration calculated.

How to migrate order history from Squarespace to Shopify?

To migrate order history from Squarespace to Shopify, you only have to check the matching box in the Migration Wizard during the migration setup and get your orders transferred to Shopify.

Do you migrate customers' accounts from Squarespace to Shopify?

Yes. Cart2Cart supports customers migrating from Squarespace to Shopify. However their accounts cannot be moved because of the platform’s technical peculiarities. After the data import to Shopify, you'll have to ask your current clients to restore their accounts by sending them invitations. Check the detailed guide on how to cope with this task easily.

Can customers' credit card data be moved from Squarespace to Shopify?

Because clients’ credit card info is sensitive data, we do not migrate it for security reasons. However, customers' billing, shipping addresses are moved successfully.

How to transfer Squarespace to Shopify?

Perform the following steps from the Cart2Cart Migration Wizard to migrate your Squarespace store to Shopify automatedly:

  • Set up your Source and Target carts.
  • Specify the data you want to transfer to Shopify and choose the extra migration options to refine your migration.
  • Map your Squarespace languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on Shopify.
  • Run free Demo migration.
  • Launch Full database migration.

How to transfer blog posts from Squarespace to Shopify?

Just check the corresponding box in the Cart2Cart Wizard while setting up your migration and get your blog posts transferred to Shopify.

Does Cart2Cart switch multi-language from Squarespace to Shopify?

Cart2Cart supports multilingual transfer across different platforms. Nevertheless, you should check the migrated data table above to make sure this kind of move is available for your migration case.

Is it possible to export customers to Shopify?

To determine if the tool can move your Squarespace e-store customers to Shopify, please review the list of transferable records. Then, simply click the Customers checkbox while setting the switch in the Migration Wizard to indicate you’d like to move the customer data.

Can I retry Demo migration?

Yes, Cart2Cart data migration tool permits the users to restart Demo Migrations as many times as needed to different Target platforms. In order to accomplish it - do the following:
  1. Log in to your Cart2Cart account.
  2. Go to My Migrations List.
  3. Find the appropriate migration where the demo is completed, and click the "Continue Migration" button.
  4. When done, return to the second step of the Migration Wizard "Demo Migration" and just click "Start Demo Migration" button. The Demo database transfer will start over again.

How much does the data migration service cost?

The Cart2Cart pricing is flexible. The replatforming price depends on:
  • source platform type (the one you move from)
  • target platform type (the one you move to)
  • amount of records to transfer -namely, the count of products, customers, and orders.
You can calculate the price of your replatforming with Cart2Cart with the help of the Migration Estimator.

Does Cart2Cart support reviews migration from Squarespace to Shopify?

Yes, Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to import reviews from the Squarespace platform to the Shopify one. However, you have to install the Product Reviews app (it’s free) on your Shopify store prior to the migration.

How to create 301 redirects from Squarespace to Shopify?

You only need to choose the Create 301 Redirects on your Target store after the migration option and Cart2Cart will automatically redirect your URLs from Squarespace to Shopify.

Does Cart2Cart move images from the Squarespace store to Shopify?

Absolutely. You’ll be able automatically export your Squarespace product, categories, and manufacturers images to your new Shopify store. Additionally, if you choose the corresponding additional option, you’ll be able to migrate images in descriptions of products, categories, and blog posts.

Can I migrate categories and subcategories from the Squarespace store to the Shopify?

Sure. However, due to Shopify’s specific system, you will need to pick the extra Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections option to preserve the relations among the entities.

Will migration to Shopify affect my current Squarespace store?

No, the fully automated Squarespace to Shopify migration with Cart2Cart doesn’t affect your current shopping cart performance - your existing Squarespace store will be 100% available for customers.

Which data entities exactly does Cart2Cart support for Squarespace to Shopify migration?

The correct list of the transferrable data types for your specific WooCommerce to Shopify migration can be found in the table above.

Will my Squarespace store data be affected by the migration?

No, your migrated Squarespace e-shop data isn't impacted by the transfer at all. Actually, the data (products, customers, orders, etc.) is simply “copied”(exported) from Squarespace and “pasted” (imported) into your new store database.

So, the data migration process is totally secure for the eCommerce website that is moved and there is no risk of losing any of the info. We guarantee 100% uptime and data security during the transfer via Cart2Cart database migration tool. In other words, you can keep selling while your Source Store data is being migrated to the new platform.

How do I perform a product export from Squarespace to Shopify store?

To automatically transfer your products from Squarespace to Shopify, simply tick the needed checkbox(Products) while configuring your migration.

How do I export orders from Squarespace platform to Shopify?

To transferthe orders from Squarespace to Shopify, you need to tick the required option (Orders) in Migration Wizard during switch setup and your Squarespace orders will be migrated to Shopify right away.

Does Cart2Cart migration process impact my Squarespace store performance?

No, the database transfer doesn’t harm either the speed, or the performance of your existing Squarespace e-store. The Cart2Cart migration service just exports the records from your Squarespace e-store and imports it into the new Shopify one. It doesn’t influence the e-store in any way, so it can run as usual.

Why 150,000+ customers choose Cart2Cart?

100% non-techie

If you handle managing your e-store, you can migrate it with Cart2Cart. No coding, no worries

Lightning fast

Just a few hours - and all your store data is moved to its new home

Keep selling while

The process of data transfer has no effect on the migrated store. At all

Open to the
customers’ needs

We’re ready to help import data from database dump, csv. file, a rare shopping cart etc

24/7 live support

Get every bit of help right when you need it. Our live chat experts will eagerly guide you through the entire migration process

Your ultimate ecommerce replatforming tool

Squarespace to Shopify switch can be quite a challenging task if done manually. Take advantage of the Cart2Cart data migration service and go through the replatforming painlessly for you and your revenue.

Charge of miggration

Your data is safely locked with Cart2Cart

We’re committed to protecting our customers’ data security. Check out our Security Policy

Server Security

All migrations are performed on a secure dedicated Hetzner server with restricted physical access

Application Security

HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption are used to protect the data being exchanged

Network Security

The most up-to-date network architecture schema, firewall and access restrictions protect our system from electronic attacks

Data Access Control

Employee access to customer migration data is restricted, logged and audited

Cart2Cart Reviews

Online store owner

We did a Prestashop to Shopify demo migration and it worked beautifully!
Review source

From PrestaShop
To Shopify
Online store owner

This Shopify Migration App worked great to migrate our store from Volusion to Shopify! It transferred over all product descriptions, photos, categories, etc. seamlessly. It’s very easy to use, and the instructions are very easy to follow. Considering the amount of information that we needed transferred, it did not take as long as we had expected.

We did an initial transfer to test out how things would look and how everything would function. It worked great! We purchased insurance with our migration so that we could re-migrate once our shop was closer to being ready to push live, and customer service has been AMAZING in our requests necessary with our remigration. They are very responsive, very informative, and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this service if you are looking to transfer your eCommerce site. Everything has been great! Thank you!
Review source

From Volusion
To Shopify
Online store owner

We had a few false starts, but ultimately I was paired with a great customer service representative who did everything necessary to transfer our products correctly from Wix to Shopify. I will absolutely use this company for future client migrations.
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

I contacted Cart2Cart’s help desk (direct chat) and had my questions answered very quickly and very politely. I feel much more confident now with my decision to use Cart2Cart to do the data migration from my existing website to Shopify. I was recommended to Cart2Cart for Shopify Migration by a trusted friend and I will definitely recommend them also to anyone looking to migrate. Moving website providers has been a source of stress for me and at least this is one less thing to worry about.
Review source

To Shopify
Online store owner

I had a great experience with Cart2Cart. Reading some of the negative reviews here says more about how complex ecommerce migration is than anything else. I will say that I highly recommend paying the extra $ for their assisted service, which I did. It is totally work the extra $200 or $300 because you get a project manager who is very available, and you get to tweak your migration settings to make sure everything is just right. With the automated tools they offer, you’re on your own. But their customer support on my project was fast and responsive to my questions, and they were able to make any adjustments I needed. I migrated from Virtuemart to Shopify with over 12,000 orders and 4,000 customers. The migration was smooth. They scheduled the last “new data” import for me at a time I chose (within their working hours). And the migration was a success.
Review source

From VirtueMart
To Shopify
Online store owner

Fantastic App. We migrated from Volusion to Shopify with no problems. Customer Accounts, Inventory, Sales Orders…everything was transferred over.

The only quirk we had was that passwords didn’t transfer over (I’m sure this is a security issue and I have no problem with it at all). The solution was to just send out a mass e-mail to all of our customers asking them to reset their password. Once they reset their password they would still have their shipping information saved as well as the list of their previous orders.

WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP…but like any migration process be sure you research & make sure you are doing it the correct way so there are no issues. You can’t blame a vendor for a user mistake 🙂
Review source

From Volusion
To Shopify
Online store owner

My experience with Migration for Shopify was positive. I was explained about the prerequisites and peculiarities for my migration from Magneto to Shopify in a detailed manner. The app is very easy to use. The migration was smooth.
Review source

From Magento
To Shopify
Online store owner

We migrated a large x-cart site to shopify. This was the only app that could help us migrate hundreds of thousands of orders and customers. They were extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They answered my questions quickly and accurately. The initial migration went smoothly with no errors. The final migration at launch (to bring in the newest orders and customers) went equally as well. Data security was also handled to my satisfaction. Definitely would recommend this app.
Review source

From X-Cart
To Shopify
Online store owner

The only company I trust for migrating our websites. We migrated one basic and two plus accounts from Magento to Shopify. The help was amazing. Oleksander was a huge help in making sure everything was right. No reason to do it with any other company. Trust the best.
Review source

From Magento
To Shopify
Online store owner

Migration for Shopify is exactly what I needed when making the huge decision to migrate my website. By reducing the time needed to import products and orders – I can now focus on design and other very important things to ensure a smooth cart to cart transition.
Review source

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