Data Migration To/From CSV.File

Expanding your migration possibilities

Need to migrate your current store data to/from a CSV file? You’ve landed in the right place. Cart2Cart can migrate your CSV-format store data across 85+ shopping carts in a fully automated way. No matter what is the reason for your migration, with the help of the Cart2Cart CSV Migration option, you can transfer the products, categories, customers, orders, etc. from your store to a CSV file or, vice versa, from your CSV file to your store in a few steps.

How to Perform CSV File Import/Export with Cart2Cart?

Automated Migration
Set up your migration yourself

  • Specify СSV as your Source or Target cart type.
  • Pick the data you want to transfer to/from CSV.
  • Upload the CSV.file you want to transfer the data to/from.
  • If you’re happy with the Demo outcome, launch the Full migration.

Calculate your migration price using the Migration Estimator (it starts at $29).

Data Migration Package
Delegate the transfer to us

Have your CSV file import/export handled for you by the Cart2Cart techs, with all the necessary customizations, by choosing one of the Data Migration Service Packages.

Book a consultation to get a quote and discuss your migration needs.

The price starts from $299 and varies according to the volume of data types that need to be transferred and the customizations required.

When the CSV.file export/import is useful?

There are several cases when the CSV export/import is more preferable:

  1. Your old store has been collapsed and all the store data is left in the CSV file.
  2. You don’t want to grant access to your store to any 3rd parties.
  3. Your shopping cart has some technical peculiarities so that CSV export/import is the only way of data transfer.
  4. Your store is based on a cloud server instead of a dedicated server.

Benefits of CSV migration with Cart2Cart

The widest range of supported platforms

Cart2Cart allows customers to migrate data across 85+ shopping carts.

The CSV migration is fully automated

The whole process of transferring the store entities is conducted without any human control that helps to avoid errors connected with data loss or data duplication.

No special skills required

Cart2Cart Migration Wizard is so intuitive that even users with little to no skills can get comfortable with it.

Data Migration To/From CSV.File: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform my CSV.file import/export automatedly?

Yes, Cart2Cart service provides an opportunity to migrate data to/from CSV.file in a fully automated way. Just specify СSV as your Source or Target cart type, choose the data you want to transfer to/from CSV and once happy with the Demo outcome, launch the Full migration.

What is the right structure of .csv and .xml files to upload to the Migration Wizard?

Due to technical peculiarities of certain shopping carts supported by Cart2Cart, you will have to upload .csv /.xml files which contain transferrable data types to the Migration Wizard manually. Since every shopping cart is unique, the structure of entity files (products, customers, orders, etc.) and the list of mandatory fields within the files may vary. To ensure high quality and accurate data migration, Cart2Cart requires a certain file structure. You can find the templates here.

How can I export my store data into a CSV.file?

Due to some shopping carts peculiarities, you will have to export CSV files in order to perform migration. That’s why before migration it is recommended to check if your shopping cart provides a possibility to export files. Here is a list of such carts, and the easiest way to do that:

What is the right way to check the result of the CSV.file export/import?

To check the result of your Demo migration, it is best to compare the CSV.file with your Source store specific entity data (i.e. products) and the corresponding migrated entities in your Target store admin section.