Recent Data Migration

New data entities have appeared on your old store during or afterthe Full migration? With Cart2Cart’s Recent Data Migration Service, you can move all the newly added products, customers, and orders to the Target platform with minimum effort.


How does Recent Data Migration Work?

Smart Update 1

Your current store remains live during the data transfer with Cart2Cart and receives new orders, customers, and products.

Smart Update 2

Cart2Cart scans your current store and identifies the new entities that have appeared since the last migration.

Smart Update 3

Cart2Cart transfers the new orders, customers, and products to your new store.


Recent Data Migration service doesn’t allow updating items or synchronizing stock on your Target cart. You can use it only to add new entities from your Source to the Target store.

How to run Recent Data Migration?

Let’s have a quick overview of how the Recent Data Migration is performed by Cart2Cart.

How much Does It Cost?

The cost of the Recent Data Migration Service is calculated as 50% of the migration price for the number of entities during standard migration.

Full Migration

1000 product

500 customers

500 orders

Recent Data Migration $69

$34,5 is the minimum price for the Recent Data Migration.

Smart Update Cost

What is the difference between the Remigration and Recent Data Migration?

View the comparison table to see what exactly sets apart Recent Data Migration Service & Remigration.

Provided service Remigration Recent Data migration
Type of activity Restart the initial migration from the very beginning. Migration of new data entities.
Reason for migration Full migration wasn’t successful due to:
  • Improper set up of the source / target cart;
  • Corruption of the migrated data;
  • Absence of some fields.
Full migration was successful completed, but new data entities have appeared on the source card during or after the replatforming.
Target store data The service clears data on the target store. The services preserves data on target store and adds new entities.
Type of the source cart Available for the all supported shopping carts. Available for the all supported shopping carts.
Price 50% of the initial full migration. 50% of the default migration price (depending on the number of entities that were imported additionally).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to launch Recent Data Migration?

Once your Full migration is over, Go to the Migrations List page and click the Recent Data Migration button. Choose entities you’d like to migrate and move the data to the new store.

Will Recent Data Migration impact my current sales process?

Absolutely no. Cart2Cart does not affect your current store performance at all, so you can keep selling as usual.

Is the Recent Data Migration Service available for all shopping carts?

Sure. Regardless of the Source or Target eCommerce platform - the Recent Data Migration service with Cart2Cart is available for all of them.

What is the difference between the Recent Data Migration and Remigration services?

Recent Data Migration service allows transferring only the changes made since your last migration (e.g., migrating recently-appeared products, customers, orders, and other relevant data). Remigration, alternatively, is used when you need to perform a Full migration due to issues with the previous migration. During the Remigration process, all your data, including products, customers, orders, and other relevant data, is transferred from your source cart to your target cart.

Can I be sure of my data security when using Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart performs the migration using a separate secure Hetzner server, and the data is not stored after the migration. Besides, Cart2Cart does not migrate credit card information and passwords. We use secure HTTPS protocol for all connections; only authorized staff can access the migration process. Find more info in our Security Policy

Can I close my browser window once the Recent Data Migration has started?

Of course. You can close your browser window after your Recent Data Migration has started. The current migration status is reflected on your account's "My Migrations" page.

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