WIX to Shopify Migration Service

Move all the store data like products, customers, orders, categories, images, etc. in a few clicks and preserve your current order IDs and SEO on the new store. Use a free Demo migration to see the service in action.

Supported versions: All versions of WIX and WIX

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How to Migrate from WIX to Shopify In 3 Steps?

Connect your Source & Target carts

Choose WIX and Shopify from the drop-down lists & provide the stores’ URLs in the corresponding fields.

Select the data to migrate & extra options

Choose the data you want to migrate to Shopify and extra options to customise your WIX to Shopify migration.

Launch your Demo/Full migration

Run a free Demo to see how the Cart2Cart service works, and when happy - launch Full migration.

Automated migration

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Automated Migration

Data Migration Service Package

Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Benefits for Store Owners

Ecommerce Agencies

Benefits for Ecommerce Agencies

What data can be
migrated from WIX to Shopify

Clear Target Store data before migration

Will delete all data from your Shopify store


Move images from products, categories, blog posts descriptions

Those included in the descriptions

Set products quantity to 100 on Shopify store

To check how the migration works for out of stock products


Choose all the extra migration options and get 40% off their total Price

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Migration Limitations

The design and store functionality transfer is impossible due to WIX to Shopify limitations. However, you can recreate it with the help of a 3rd-party developer.

Self-service data import for non-techies


Use Cart2Cart to easily import your WIX data to Shopify and start selling in your brand new Shopify store in no time

WIX to Shopify Migration Service

Invisible service to migrate ecommerce info between 85+ platforms

2 migr./ account

Save staff hours and focus on complex tasks while Cart2Cart deals with your customers' data migration at a reduced price

WIX to Shopify Migration Service

All-inclusive data migration service


Simply inform us about your import requirements. We will move all the data from WIX to Shopify for you, from A to Z.

WIX to Shopify Migration Service
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Let’s figure out everything about WIX to Shopify migration through Cart2Cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cart2cart transfer customers' accounts from the Wix store to the Shopify one?

Though customer migration is available within the Cart2Cart service, the customer accounts cannot be transferred due to the platform’s technical peculiarities. Once the migration to Shopify is finished, you'll have to send your current customers invites asking them to restore their accounts. Check the detailed guide for more detailed info.

How to import products from Wix to Shopify?

To switch products, you need to check the corresponding box (Products) in the Migration Wizard during the migration setup. If done, you’ll have all your current store products migrated from Wix platform to Shopify automatedly.

Is it possible to migrate customers' accounts from Wix to Shopify?

Though the Cart2Cart service supports customers' migration from Wix to Shopify, their accounts cannot be moved because of the platform’s technical limitations. Once the data import to Shopify is over, you'll need to send your existing clients invites asking them to restore their accounts. Check the detailed guide how to cope with this task easily.

Can I migrate categories and subcategories from my Wix store to Shopify?

Sure. However, due to Shopify’s peculiarities, you’ll have to use the Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections extra option to preserve the relations between the entities.

How do I import products from Wix to Shopify?

To import products from Wix to Shopify, you only need to check the matching box (Products) in the Migration Wizard and get your products transferred to Shopify.

Does Cart2Cart support customers' credit card migration from Wix to Shopify?

Since clients’ credit card info is sensitive data, we cannot move it for security purposes. However, customers' billing, shipping addresses are moved successfully.

Which data entities exactly does Cart2Cart support for Wix to Shopify migration?

The full list of the transferrable data entities is reflected in the table above.

Will migration to Shopify influence negatively my current Wix store?

No. The Wix to Shopify migration with Cart2Cart won’t have any effect on your current store performance and will keep it live for customers.

Can customers' credit cards data be moved from Wix to Shopify?

Cart2Cart doesn’t transfer clients’ credit card info between stores because of the security reasons. However, customers' billing, shipping addresses can be transferred successfully.

How to migrate from Wix to Shopify?

Go through the steps provided below from the Cart2Cart Migration Wizard to move your Wix store data to Shopify automatedly:
  • Specify your Source and Target platforms.
  • Pick the store entities you want to transfer to Shopify and choose the extra options to refine your migration.
  • Map your Wix languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on Shopify.
  • Run free Demo migration.
  • Launch Full database migration.

Can I migrate categories and subcategories from Wix to Shopify?

Sure. Cart2Cart supports automated categories and subcategories switch from Wix to Shopify. However, because of the Shopify’s specific system, you will need to consider selecting the extra Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections option to preserve the relations among the entities.

How to transfer Wix to Shopify?

To switch Wix to Shopify, go through the steps below in the Cart2Cart Migration Wizard:

  • Set up your Source and Target carts.
  • Pick the data you want to migrate to Shopify and specify the extra migration options to refine your transfer.
  • Map your Wix languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on Shopify.
  • Start free Demo migration.
  • Perform Full database migration.

What is the average cost of Wix to Shopify migration?

The price of your migration depends on the volume of data to migrate and the additional migration options you choose. To check the price for your Wix to Shopify conversion, simply choose your Source and Target platforms in the matching fields of the Cart2Cart Estimator and get the approximate price of your migration.

Does Cart2Cart support reviews migration from Wix to Shopify?

Yes, Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to convert Wix reviews to the Shopify platform. You just need to install a Product Reviews app (it’s free) on your Shopify store before the transfer.

Is it possible to transfer Wix store images to the Shopify store?

Of course. You’ll be able not only export your Wix product, categories, and manufacturers images to your new Shopify store, but also migrate images in descriptions of products, categories, and blog posts (you only need to select the corresponding additional option in the Migration Wizard).

How to Migrate to Shopify via the Wix to Shopify Migration App?

Once you've downloaded the Wix to Shopify Migration App by Cart2Cart, log in to your Shopify store and install the App to proceed.
Register a new Cart2Cart account and press the Start free Demo button. When done, configure the Source cart and click the Install Plugin button.
Now, click the Choose Entities button to select the data types you'd like to migrate to Shopify. And choose the additional options, like Preserve order IDs, Create 301 redirects on Target store, Migrate SEO URLs, etc.
Then, click the hamburger button to match your order statuses to the corresponding ones on your new Shopify store.
Now, you can start a Free Demo to see Cart2Cart in action. After checking the Demo results, you're all set to launch the Full migration. And move all of your store data to the new Shopify store.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Choose Package

To calculate your WIX to Shopify migration price, click the button below. The migration price depends on the number of data types and the additional migration options selected.

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Online store owner

We had a few false starts, but ultimately I was paired with a great customer service representative who did everything necessary to transfer our products correctly from Wix to Shopify. I will absolutely use this company for future client migrations.
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

This app works like magic. I migrated from my Wix store to Shopify store in few minutes and not hours. The customer service was so great. This app is highly recommended. This is the first time I used an app and avoided all the manual work that I used to do earlier. Great app. I love it.
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

I love this app, used it to migrate our store from Wix to Shopify. They were very helpful in terms of explaining the whole process, also was very nice to give us a discount code for their services! Definitely recommend it, save yourself some time and use it! Ask them any questions/problems/issues you may have – they will solve them.
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

Great time saver from Wix to Shopify. Don’t expect it to be a perfect ‘clone’ you will have to add a theme and tweak a few bits in Shopify yourself after migration. Be the new cart will be better. It saves so much time and gets you up and running quickly. I had some fantastic on-line help from chat support also. It’s not scary but you are not alone 😉
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

Cart2Cart app has worked great to migrate my shop from Wix to Shopify! It has saved me so much time and effort. Money well spent. Their customer service is amazing and always willing to help 🙂 I enjoyed working with them! Thank you Cart2Cart Team.
Review source

From WIX
To Shopify
Online store owner

We did a Prestashop to Shopify demo migration and it worked beautifully!
Review source

From PrestaShop
To Shopify
Online store owner

This Shopify Migration App worked great to migrate our store from Volusion to Shopify! It transferred over all product descriptions, photos, categories, etc. seamlessly. It’s very easy to use, and the instructions are very easy to follow. Considering the amount of information that we needed transferred, it did not take as long as we had expected.

We did an initial transfer to test out how things would look and how everything would function. It worked great! We purchased insurance with our migration so that we could re-migrate once our shop was closer to being ready to push live, and customer service has been AMAZING in our requests necessary with our remigration. They are very responsive, very informative, and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this service if you are looking to transfer your eCommerce site. Everything has been great! Thank you!
Review source

From Volusion
To Shopify
Online store owner

I contacted Cart2Cart’s help desk (direct chat) and had my questions answered very quickly and very politely. I feel much more confident now with my decision to use Cart2Cart to do the data migration from my existing website to Shopify. I was recommended to Cart2Cart for Shopify Migration by a trusted friend and I will definitely recommend them also to anyone looking to migrate. Moving website providers has been a source of stress for me and at least this is one less thing to worry about.
Review source

To Shopify
Online store owner

I had a great experience with Cart2Cart. Reading some of the negative reviews here says more about how complex ecommerce migration is than anything else. I will say that I highly recommend paying the extra $ for their assisted service, which I did. It is totally work the extra $200 or $300 because you get a project manager who is very available, and you get to tweak your migration settings to make sure everything is just right. With the automated tools they offer, you’re on your own. But their customer support on my project was fast and responsive to my questions, and they were able to make any adjustments I needed. I migrated from Virtuemart to Shopify with over 12,000 orders and 4,000 customers. The migration was smooth. They scheduled the last “new data” import for me at a time I chose (within their working hours). And the migration was a success.
Review source

From VirtueMart
To Shopify
Online store owner

Fantastic App. We migrated from Volusion to Shopify with no problems. Customer Accounts, Inventory, Sales Orders…everything was transferred over.

The only quirk we had was that passwords didn’t transfer over (I’m sure this is a security issue and I have no problem with it at all). The solution was to just send out a mass e-mail to all of our customers asking them to reset their password. Once they reset their password they would still have their shipping information saved as well as the list of their previous orders.

WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP…but like any migration process be sure you research & make sure you are doing it the correct way so there are no issues. You can’t blame a vendor for a user mistake 🙂
Review source

From Volusion
To Shopify

How to Migrate Wix to Shopify?

Wix and Shopify are both great e-commerce solutions. Wix is better suited to small businesses, and Shopify is designed to support big enterprises.

Wix was specifically created to allow anyone with no or little programming skills to create a website. Wix is a website builder that also allows you to sell online.

On the other hand, Shopify was developed specifically to enable online commerce.

It is not uncommon for online merchants running their store on Wix, to migrate to Shopify when the store starts growing and sales increase. This is one of the main reasons for Wix to Shopify migration.

How to Handle Wix to Shopify Migration?

When migrating Wix to Shopify, you have a few options.

Migrate your data manually. With the help of resources in the Shopify Help Center, you can migrate your data manually with CSV files.

Hire a migration expert. You can hire an expert on the Shopify Experts Marketplace or a freelance programmer with the necessary skills to import your data and migrate your website.

Use an automated shopping cart migration tool. You can use a solution like Cart2Cart, which makes it easy for business owners to migrate from Wix to Shopify without disrupting their business operations.

Benefits of Wix to Shopify Migration


With Shopify as your platform, you can be sure of the security of your store and customer data because Shopify is SSL and PCI-compliant.

Excellent SEO Capabilities

Shopify has many features that drive SEO. A host of SEO plugins in the Shopify app store has features that enable

  • Image Optimization

  • Rich Google Snippets

  • Broken links repairs

  • SEO-friendly blogs

  • The generation of an XML sitemap

  • 301 redirects

  • A Robots.txt file that tells search engines which pages to crawl

Provides an Omnichannel Experience

Shopify enables a multi-channel shopping experience for customers. They can choose to shop online on any device or in-person using the Shopify point of Sale (POS).

Easy to Scale

‍Shopify comes to the rescue of e-commerce store owners who want to scale their businesses. In particular, Shopify Plus can handle high website traffic, processing 1 million page views and 10,000 checkouts per minute.

Shopify Plus provides all the extra features and customizations that a growing e-commerce store needs, including unlimited bandwidth, which is made possible because Shopify is a fully cloud-hosted platform.

No Hidden Costs

‍Being a fully hosted platform, Shopify users only pay for the plan that they sign up for. You don't need to worry about server costs, hosting fees, and technical expertise to deal with updates.

You can start selling with the Basic Shopify plan. If you want to customize your store, you can use free or paid Shopify themes and apps at a price that you can afford.


One of the biggest drawbacks of building a store on Wix is the fact that you can't change your store template once the store has gone live. This lack of customization is one of the main reasons why users migrate away from Wix.

If you want to change something about your website, it's not easy to do with Wix. In contrast, Shopify store owners have access to the source code, enabling them to make any fundamental changes that suit them.

Social Media Integration

Shopify allows store owners to sell through social media, which can be a huge boost for sales. Your customers can place orders for products or services directly from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Shopify store owners can also integrate with Amazon and sell their products there.

When Do You Need to Migrate from Wix to Shopify?

As a Wix store owner, you may find yourself faced with the decision to migrate Wix to Shopify when you have run into the following issues with your existing store.

Your store is growing

As soon as your store grows to a certain point, you may find the Wix e-commerce offerings limiting. Shopify offers many more e-commerce features than Wix, such as abandoned cart recovery, different currencies, automatic tax calculations, and more.

Your Wix store is not powerful enough

Wix is great for small businesses, but it lacks important features for e-commerce. For example, Shopify has powerful inventory management tools that Wix lacks. If your product range increases, you may need these tools and will need to switch to a platform like Shopify.

You want to sell in person as well

If you want to sell your products at markets as well, you will need a point of sale (POS) system, which is a function Shopify offers. The POS system is integrated with Shopify’s other e-commerce features, which makes the management of inventory, customers, and orders straightforward.

You are starting to ship globally

Shopify offers superior shipping tools to help store owners with things like curbside pickup and international delivery. Wix doesn't offer these functionalities.

You need more e-commerce integrations

While Wix has a huge app store, relatively few of them offer e-commerce integrations. Shopify's range of plugins and apps for e-commerce can enable store owners to create discount codes and add social media buttons to boost sales.

You need all the payment options

Wix offers all the usual payment options, but if you need access to all the latest payment gateways, the Shopify store offers more than 100 payment options, including the customized Shopify option, and Shopify Payments.

You need a more comprehensive tax solution

For small businesses, the tax options that Wix offers are adequate. However, bigger businesses need more comprehensive tax options, like the automatic calculation of tax, a feature that Shopify store owners enjoy.


Wix is an excellent website builder that enables users to sell online. However, if you are serious about e-commerce, you are better off with a solution like Shopify, which is built with the express aim of helping people sell online.

Shopify has all the e-commerce features an online merchant needs to run an online store successfully and sell to customers globally. For that reason, Wix to Shopify migration makes complete sense.

If you need help with migrating Wix to Shopify, one of the best solutions is the cart migration tool Cart2Cart. It is a simple and trustworthy cart migration tool that transfers all website data securely and accurately.