Your Trust is Our Achievement

MagneticOne is a leading software development company which provides innovative solutions for online business development. After 11 years of successful eCommerce experience we have won the reputation of reliable company among our customers, partners and affiliates. More than 40 thousand people worldwide rely on our brand quality.

Cart2Cart is a shopping cart migration service developed by MagneticOne. It allows to transfer data from one platform to another with minimum risk and maximum effectivity. Cart2Cart confirms company’s high standards providing safe high quality service.

Security is Our Key Focus

We appreciate your trust to our services, so we guarantee absolute security for your data. The following measures ensure your data protection:
1. Terms of Service which determine the rules of service usage and outline the main terms and obligations.
2. Privacy Policy which ensures information security and level of user data protection.
3. Service Level Agreement which provides guidelines of service management, support and technical departments operation

The documentation mentioned above guarantees that:
1. We do not share or sell your personal information
2. The access to your data is restricted to MagneticOne Team members
3. Personal information is used only for the specific purposes it was collected for
4. All the procedures involving your store information are performed on highly secured servers. The data transmission is performed via secure FTP connection between the server and your software

Which Information Do You Have to Provide?

To start your work with Cart2Cart, you will have to register an account. With this aim you provide the following information:
1. Name
2. E-mail address
3. Password
This information is only used to fulfill your specific request, unless you give us permission to use it in another manner.

Cart2Cart migration service exports data from your source shopping cart and moves it to a target cart . The products, categories, customers and orders are copied from the database and mapped in a new store. To transfer data you will have to establish connection between your current cart, Cart2Cart server and target shopping cart. With this aim you need to download the connection bridge so that the service could access your internal store information. It’s necessary for the service to be able to access your internal store information and make the data transfer. If your shopping cart is API based, you will not have to download connection bridge, but you will have to provide API Key.

What is Connection Bridge?

Connection Bridge is the access gateway that allows to establish connection between Source Store, Cart2Cart service and Target shopping cart . The service will gather information from your current database and integrate with the new store to make data transmission possible. No changes will be made in your current database, unless you will require that. A connection bridge is the most secure method to migrate your data to a desirable platform accurately. Data loss or duplication risk is eliminated.

Is it Possible to Perform Migration without a Connection Bridge?

It is not possible with Cart2Cart service because connection bridge is used to retrieve data from Source store and provides data interaction between shopping carts. Due to peculiarities of API based platforms you will not have to provide connection bridge for migration. The migration will be performed via administration panel of such platforms, so admin access and API Key in this case will be required.
NOTE: Demo Migration of 10 items is available for absolutely free, however, it requires connection bridge uploading as well. It is strongly recommended to perform Demo Migration first, before setting Full Store migration.

How to Connect the Bridge?

You can either establish the bridge connection by yourself or have it done by our engineers providing your FTP access.

To set up the connection bridge you will need to download Cart2Cart Bridge file to your local computer and connect it to your shopping cart via FTP. You can do that with any type of FTP client software. We recommend FileZilla with a very intuitive interface and is free distribution.

Otherwise, you can provide your FTP credentials (your hostname, FTP access login and password) and we will install the bridge for you. In this case we also guarantee total security of your store website data.

What is FTP?

FTP (short for File transfer protocol) - is a standard for file exchange between different computers and systems over the Internet.

FTP is used to install connection bridge and exchange files between the store and Cart2Cart server. It helps to access your internal store data, retrieve the entities and migrate it to the target platform. Provide the correct FTP information to establish connection properly.

Is My Store Personal Data Safe?

Cart2Cart gathers only the external and internal store data necessary for performing store migration. We don’t use or share the information connected with your clients and their personal accounts.

The Bridge is an open coded script. Your programmers can easily analyze its actions while checking the logs. So you’ll be sure that our service retrieves only the information necessary for migration.

We use FTP to safely and securely collect and distribute information between your store and the service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding your data security and information protection, please feel free to contact Cart2Cart Support Team at:[email protected]

We will do our best to justify your trust and make your Cart2Cart migration experience successful!