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Magento SEO

Magento SEO Strategies That Work: A Comprehensive Guide

“How do I get my website on the first page of Google?” If you’re thinking – Google ads, we hate to break it to you, but that won't do much to drum up business. People absolutely hate ads on SERPs. 96% of users breeze past them, heading straight to organic results, even though paid ads occupy the top three slots....

Must-Know Tips | 22 MIN READ

Migration Guides


Migration Simplified: A Hands-On Approach to Moving to WooCommerce

If you are considering migrating your website to WooCommerce, you are in good company. WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, with the biggest market share. One...

Migration Guides | 16 MIN READ

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Migration: How-To Directions and Best Practices

Your eCommerce platform is the backbone of your business. It is what keeps the wheels of your online store turning. Unfortunately, not all eCommerce platforms are created equal. If your...

Migration Guides | 16 MIN READ

Automating Your Migration to BigCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Many online retailers are eager to move their online stores to a new solution that offers better pricing and increased capabilities. In a recent Digital Commerce 360 survey, 46% of...

Migration Guides | 6 MIN READ

Must-Know Tips

Magento SEO

Magento SEO Strategies That Work: A Comprehensive Guide

“How do I get my website on the first page of Google?” If you’re thinking – Google ads, we hate to break it to you, but that won't do much...

Must-Know Tips | 22 MIN READ
How to Boost UIUX for Better Engagement

User-Centric Wix: How to Boost UI/UX for Better Engagement

Before we can discuss Wix UX (user experience), we need to distinguish between UX and UI (user interface) since many people confuse these two concepts. The modern trend to shorten...

Must-Know Tips | 12 MIN READ
Empowering Your Wix Business With Cryptocurrency

Crypto-Ready Wix: Empowering Your Wix Business With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency accounts for more than $10 billion worth of transactions worldwide, with that number expected to reach the $16 billion mark by the close of the year. This mammoth growth...

Must-Know Tips | 8 MIN READ

Migration Checklist

migrating to shopify

Migrating to Shopify: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs are migrating to Shopify mainly because of its user-friendly interface. The popular e-commerce platform keeps on attracting new users. According to Shopify's own data, the number of...

Migration Checklist | 8 MIN READ
mooving to woocomemrce

Moving to WooCommerce: How to Migrate Your Storefront and SEO

There are three ways to migrate an e-commerce store to WooCommerce. 1. Manual import/export Manual migration involves the store owner exporting all the old store data, including products, orders, users,...

Migration Checklist | 8 MIN READ
migrating your store

Why Should You Consider Migrating Your Store from WP to the New Shopping Cart Solution?

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet, according to W3Techs. As one of the first content management systems,...

Migration Checklist | 9 MIN READ

Shopping Carts Reviews

wix vs shopify

Wix vs. Shopify: Which is Better for E-commerce?

Both Wix and Shopify are very well-known in the e-commerce industry. They started in 2006 and have grown to become favourites among online retailers. Plus, they do similar things, so...

Shopping Carts Reviews | 22 MIN READ
ecwid vs shopify

Ecwid vs Shopify - Which Is Better for You?

Ecwid and Shopify are both e-commerce platforms that make it possible for internet users to sell products online. How do they differ, and which is the better one? Let's answer...

Must-Know Tips | 6 MIN READ
How to Manage Multiple Shopify Stores

How to Manage Multiple Shopify Stores

It's already a lot of work to run one store on Shopify. Why would you want to run multiple Shopify stores? Well, there are many legitimate reasons. Maybe you are...

Must-Know Tips | 5 MIN READ

Experts' Insights

Experts Insights

Interview with Cart2Cart Migration Expert Vitaliy Naumenko

One of our experts, Vitaliy Naumenko, recently appeared on the Merchant E-commerce Podcast to share critical advice that business owners should be aware of when switching shopping cart platforms....

Experts' Insights | 1 MIN READ
shopify pros and cons

Why Settle Your Online Business On Shopify? Top Reasons Explained.

In this Shopify review, we'll cover the Shopify pros and cons, along with market share and migration challengies. Besides, read on to discover the Shopify benefits that make online entrepreneurs...

Experts' Insights | 7 MIN READ
Interview with Brent W. Peterson

Today is the best time to migrate to Magento 2

Today we’re happy to continue our series of interviews and present you the conversation with the Co-Founder of, Magento Master, and Adobe Insider Brent W. Peterson. He talks about...

Experts' Insights | 4 MIN READ

Success Stories

Shopware Partnership Announcement

Cart2Cart & Shopware Partnership Announcement

Today we are proud to announce that Cart2Cart has started an official partnership with Shopware - an innovative Open Commerce platform that is trusted by world-known brands. The software is...

Cart2Cart News | 1 MIN READ
Success Story

Matt Schwartz from on Migrations with Cart2Cart

The Cart2Cart Team has always been eager to assist our customers in achieving their goals. We do our utmost to turn each migration into an exciting experience that will result...

Success Stories | 3 MIN READ
Success Story PrestaShop to Shopify Migration with Cart2Cart

Receiving positive feedback is the greatest reward for any company. And Cart2Cart is no exception. It’s always a pleasure to hear that our clients are happy with the provided services....

Shopping Carts Reviews | 5 MIN READ

Cart2Cart News

Cart2Cart and SureCart Join Forces to Revolutionize eCommerce

Today, we are excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between two prominent names in the eСommerce landscape - Cart2Cart and SureCart. This exciting partnership promises to revolutionize the way e-merchants...

Cart2Cart News | 1 MIN READ
Unbeatable Cart2Cart Offer! (1)

Get Ready for Black Friday Bonanza: Unbeatable Cart2Cart Offer!

Black Friday is just around the corner, and at Cart2Cart, we're gearing up for an incredible shopping extravaganza that you won't want to miss. From November 1st to November 30th,...

Cart2Cart News | 2 MIN READ
Spooky Halloween Savings

Spooky Halloween Savings: Get a 20% Discount with Cart2Cart!

Are you ready to turn your online store into a Halloween haven? At Cart2Cart, we're thrilled to bring you spine-tingling savings this Halloween season! From October 15th to the bewitching...

Cart2Cart News | 1 MIN READ
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