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Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. The combination of incredible user-friendliness, extended functionality, and affordable pricing make this cart suitable for both small to enterprise-level stores.

Cart2Cart is the fastest and easiest way to perform Shopify migration. The data transfer takes only a few hours. No tech skills are needed. Your current store will be 100% active.

Start Shopify migration today. Your dream store is a matter of a couple of clicks now!

Shopify migration

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Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Automated Migration

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Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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What data can be migrated from/to Shopify

  • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration


    Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

    Migrate Short & Full descriptions


    Migrate product SKUs

    Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions

    Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store


    Smart update entities ($50) ($0)


    Choose all the extra migration options and get 40% off their total Price

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    The design and store functionality transfer is impossible due to Shopify limitations. However, you can recreate it with the help of a 3rd-party developer.

    Let’s figure out everything about Shopify migration through Cart2Cart.
    Discover our checklist, related articles, and answers on frequently asked questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to migrate from/to Shopify with Cart2Cart?

      Use Migration Scenario to get a detailed description of all steps and perform the switch in no time. Check also where to get Shopify API Password to set up the data trasnfer.

    • Can I migrate categories and subcategories to Shopify?

      Of course, you can. Yet due to Shopify specific system you will need to consider selecting extra option Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections to preserve the relations among the entities. More info

    • Will customers' credit cards data be moved?

      Currently the service doesn't migrate clients' credit cards information, but notice that shipping and billing addresses are moved accurately.

    • Will my old store SEO URLs remain working?

      To minimize impact on SEO of your store after the replatforming we recommend selecting two additional options Create the 301 redirects on your target store after migration and Migrate categories and products SEO URLs while setting the Shopify migration. More info

    • Are users passwords migrated during Cart2Cart switch?

      No, users passwords will not migrate due to password encryption peculiarities of different shopping cards and Shopify itself. Thus, ask customers to recover them after the transfer.

    • How to ensure correct migration of customers?

      All the necessary information on customers will be imported to Shopify with the single condition that the customers' e-mails are valid. Otherwise, information on a particular customer will not be imported properly.

    • What are the main peculiarities of Shopify migration?

      Shopify platform has some limitations for product variants. It allows to create up to 99 variants per product. The amount of product options is also limited allowing 3 options per product. As the results, your products will be migrated to Shopify with no more than 99 variants and 3 attributes.

    • Will Cart2Cart migrate images to Shopify store?

      Definitely yes. Youll be able actually to export product, categories, and manufacturers images to your new Shopify store. Plus, by selecting the additional option you'll be able migrate images in descriptions of products, categories and blog posts.

    Self-service migration for non-techies


    Get your store data migrated in a few clicks - fast and affordable

    Use Cart2Cart to easily move your current store data to a new shopping cart and start selling in your brand new store in no time.

    Mid-sized business

    Invisible tool to migrate ecommerce data between
    85+ platforms

    2 migr. / account

    Grab your chance to complete replatforming projects faster and work with more shopping carts.

    Save staff hours and focus on complex tasks while Cart2Cart does the heavy lifting with your customers’ store data migration at a discounted price.

    Ecommerce professionals

    Delegate your store data migration to experts


    All-inclusive data migration service

    Simply let us know your migration requirements. We will move all the data from your current store to a new one for you, from A to Z.

    Large enterprise
    4.9 Total Score
    500+ reviews
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    David Abraham
    Online store owner

    Been using Cart2Cart for years. Makes store migrations a breeze. Customer service is great and they have a great partner program. Would definitely recommend to individuals looking to migrate as well as design agencies.
    Review source

    Emanuele Lenus Pisapia
    Online store owner

    This is my first use of Cart2Cart migration process and this company is awesome! My company managed lots of migration manually before trying C2C and actually we love them. Support is the best ever (thank all!) and service is A +++.
    Review source

    Eric Kinsey
    Online store owner

    Amazing level of patience and professionalism from Cart2Cart working with our team to perform a very difficult import for a client that has been start and stop for over 2 years!! Their team gets back to questions with technical fixes within 24 hours in most cases and we are finally wrapping it up! Thank you for all you’ve done to help get this project to completion.
    Review source

    Judy Critchley
    Online store owner

    I can't praise the Cart2Cart team enough. They really took care to make sure our very large migration was a success. I would highly recommend them!
    Review source

    Todd Svoboda
    Online store owner

    Absolute BEST! Very inexpensive (was quoted $1500 from another design company, compared to only $140), lightning fast speed with their responses, knowledgeable, and of course saved me a ton of quality time I don’t have. Will be using them again for an additional website.
    Review source

    Robert Van Echtelt
    Online store owner

    Used Cart2Cart to migrate Ideal saves you a ton of time. Even have the option to do it multiple times so you can set up the new site with the correct data in it. And then before you go live with the new site, you can import the latest data again.
    Review source

    Pay only for what you migrate - the cost depends on the number of records to be moved

    Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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    Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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