Magento to Shopify Migration App

Want to move your web presence from Magento to Shopify? Entrust your store data migration to the Cart2Cart: Magento to Shopify Migration App and get the job done without intensive hands-on.

Aiming to simplify the entire database migration process between various shopping cart solutions, Cart2Cart has intentionally developed migration plugins. Cart2Cart: Magento to Shopify Migration App offers a fully automated migration framework where you only have to provide your Source and Target stores’ details, specify the types of data you want to migrate and the additional migration options, and that’s it - the App will do all the rest.

Smart Update Cost

Set up your Magento store

and install the Connection Bridge.


Configure your new Shopify store

and install the Magento to Shopify App.


Choose the data you want to migrate

and extra options to improve your migration result.


Run a Demo / Full migration

and enjoy your brand-new store.

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  • High speed of data transfer
  • Finest migration quality
  • No special skills expected
  • The widest range of supported entities
  • Pricing estimator available
  • Migration Preview with no Target cart required
  • Free Demo

Unfortunately, the design and 3rd-party apps migration is impossible due to technical peculiarities.

Smart Update Cost

The pricing itself is very flexible since it depends on the volume of data for the transfer. The minimal fee is $29.

Cart2Cart has a Migration Estimator that helps you establish your precise migration costs beforehand. Just enter the number of products, customers, orders, etc., you want to migrate to the new store - and get your migration price calculated for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export Magento to Shopify with the Cart2Cart migration solution?

In total, there are only four steps that you have to go through when migrating from Magento to Shopify:
  1. Provide required Magento store credentials and connect the stores via the connection bridge.
  2. Install the Cart2Cart app and choose the data you want to convert to Shopify.
  3. Specify the additional migration options.
  4. Run free Demo or launch Full migration

How to perform Magento to Shopify import without losing SEO?

Magento to Shopify import can sometimes impact the traffic and search results, but that won’t necessarily happen. We recommend choosing the “Create the 301 redirects on your Target Shopify store” after migration to keep old products and category URLs working on your new store, and “Migrate SEO URLs of categories and products” to preserve current Magento structure on the new Shopify e-store.

What data can I migrate from Magento store to Shopify with the Cart2Cart migration plugin?

Currently, you can migrate the following types of products from Magento to Shopify:
  • Name, SKU, Full Description, Images in Description, Status, Manufacturer.
  • URL, Meta Title, Meta Description.
  • Variants (SKU, Weight, Quantity, Images, Price, Special Price).
  • Quantity, Manage Stock.
  • Price, Special Price.
  • Weight.
  • Base Image, Additional Images, etc.

Why move Magento to Shopify?

Since Shopify is a hosted platform and fully managed service, it will release you from all the hosting, bandwidth, and security issues. Also, it provides greater ease of use. Magento, contrastingly, requires you to purchase hosting and deal with all the software setup. Besides, you have to be tech-savvy to get a full advantage of the software.

Can I migrate categories & subcategories of products to Shopify?

Sure. Cart2Cart migration tool preserves all the relations between product categories and subcategories in your new Shopify store. Just choose the “Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections” option at the appropriate Migration Wizard step and all your current store products will be organized into Shopify collections (categories) with particular tags (subcategories).

Can I migrate taxes to Shopify?

Yes, migration of taxes is available via the Cart2Cart store migration app. However, due to the platform peculiarities, only the tax values that come within the orders will be preserved on Shopify.

Want to migrate to the new eCommerce solution but don’t know where to start? I’m here to answer all your migration-related questions.

Anna Wilson

Customer Care Manager
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