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Magento to Prestashop migration is a perfect way to forget about the manual export and migrate products, customers, orders, reviews, etc. in 4 simple steps. Grab the chance to transfer clients’ passwords and preserve SEO positions.

Supported versions: Magento 1.1.x - 2.x CE (1.1 - 1.3 from only), 1.6.x - 2.2.x, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.4 - PrestaShop 0.9.x - 1.6.x, 1.7.x

How to migrate from Magento to PrestaShop?

Connect your Source Cart

Enter your current store URL. Install the Connection Bridge file by yourself or have it done automatedly by Cart2Cart.

Connect your Target Cart

Type in your current store URL. Install the Connection Bridge on your PrestaShop root folder manually or automatedly via Cart2Cart.

Select the data to migrate

Choose the data types to transfer, match them to the corresponding PrestaShop ones and pick additional migration options.

Launch your migration

Start free Demo to see Cart2Cart in action. Go ahead with the Full Migration and enjoy your new PrestaShop store in no time!

Manual migration

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Level of tech skills needed
Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)

Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)

Average migration duration
7 days

5 hours

10 hours
Extra features to refine the migration result


Free technical consultations


Average migration cost
(for store with 1 500 products)


Migration Preview (free try without a destination cart installed)
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Level of tech skills needed

Success migration rate
(no human involvement needed)


Average migration cost
(for store with 1 500 products)


Cart2Cart offers flexible and fair pricing policy, you will pay only for the data you migrate from Magento to PrestaShop and not more. The total cost of migration is directly proportional to the number of entities you import to PrestaShop and some additional options, which you may choose to extend your migration possibilities.

4.9 Total Score
255 reviews

What data can be migrated from
Magento to PrestaShop

1. Products
  • ID Additional option "Preserve product IDs on the Target Store" should be selected , Name, SKU, Short Description, Full Description, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Sort Order in Category.
  • Price, Special Price, Special Price From-To Date, Tier Price.
  • URL Additional option "Migrate categories and products SEO URLs" should be selected , Meta Title, Meta Keywords Meta Keywords are not displayed in admin panel of PrestaShop 1.6.x or higher - Click for more info , Meta Description.
  • Weight.
  • Attributes ( Name, Values ).
  • Downloadable Products ( Files, Number of allowed downloads ).
  • Variants ( Weight, Attributes, Quantity, Images, Price ).
  • Base Image, Additional Images.
  • Quantity, Stock Status, Backorder.
2. Product Categories
  • Name, Description, Status.
  • Image.
  • URL Additional option "Migrate categories and products SEO URLs" should be selected , Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords.
3. Manufacturers
  • Name.
4. Taxes
  • Tax Rules ( Country, Name, State, Tax ), Taxes ( Name, Rate ).
5. Customers
  • ID Additional option "Preserve customer IDs on the Target Store" should be selected , First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, Newsletter, Gender, Date of Birth, Passwords Select additional option “Migrate customers` passwords” and install Cart2Cart plugin, both free of charge. Click for more info , Created Date.
  • Billing Address ( First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, VAT Number ) Migration of VAT Number is supported starting from PrestaShop and Magento 1.7.x .
  • Shipping Address ( First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone ).
6. Orders
  • ID Additional option "Preserve order IDs on the Target Store" should be selected , Order Date, Order Status, Order Products ( Name, SKU ), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Order Comments.
  • Email, Billing Address ( First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone ).
  • Shipping Address ( First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone ).
7. Coupons
  • Name, Description, Status, Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer, Type Discount, Discount Amount.
8. Reviews
  • Created Date Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , Status Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , Rate Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , User Name Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , Comment Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , Product Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info , Title Make sure you have the required module installed on PrestaShop. More info .
9. Multistore
  • Yes.

Clear Target Store data before migration

Will delete all data from your PrestaShop store


Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

Keep your Magento URL structure on PrestaShop


Preserve product IDs on Target Store

Your Magento product IDs will be the same in PrestaShop


Preserve customer IDs on Target Store

Your Magento customer IDs will be the same in PrestaShop


Move images from products, categories, blog posts descriptions

Those included in the descriptions


Migrate invoices, credit memos and shipments

Includes carriers


Set products quantity to 100 on PrestaShop store

To check how the migration works for out of stock products


Magento to PrestaShop migration FAQs

How to migrate from Magento to PrestaShop?

The overall process is easy and includes only a few steps to be done in the Cart2Cart Migration Wizard:
  • Specify the Source and Target carts.
  • Select the data/extra migration options that need to be transferred.
  • Map your Magento languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on PrestaShop.
  • Run free Demo migration.
  • Launch Full database migration.

Can I migrate my customers' credit card information from Magento store to PrestaShop?

For security purposes, we do not transfer clients’ credit card info across various shopping carts. However, customers' billing, shipping addresses can be transferred successfully.

Is the migration of categories and products SEO URLs available for Magento to PrestaShop migration?

Yes, migration of categories and products SEO URLs to Magento to PrestaShop is supported by Cart2Cart. You just need to choose the corresponding additional option on the appropriate Migration Wizard step and install the PrestaShop module beforehand in order to make it possible.

Does Cart2Cart switch multi-language from Magento to PrestaShop?

Cart2Cart supports multilingual migration across different platforms. Nevertheless, you should look up the migrated data table above to see if this kind of move is available for your migration case.

Is it possible to export customers to PrestaShop?

To find out if the tool can move your Magento store customers to PrestaShop, please consult the list of transferable entities. Then, simply tick the Customers checkbox while setting the transfer in the Migration Wizard to indicate you’d like to move the customer data.

Is it possible to run the Demo migration again?

Yes, Cart2Cart data migration tool permits the users to restart Demo Migrations as many times as needed to different Target platforms. In order to achieve it - do the following:
  1. Go to to your Cart2Cart account.
  2. Go to My Migrations List.
  3. Find the required migration where the demo is finished, and activate the "Continue Migration" button.
  4. When done, return to the second step of the Migration Wizard "Demo Migration" and simply click "Start Demo Migration" button. The Demo store data migration will start over again.

What is the cost of transfer with Cart2Cart data migration service?

The Cart2Cart pricing is flexible. The replatforming price depends on:
  • source platform type (the one you export the data from)
  • target platform type (the one you move to)
  • volume of records to transfer -namely, the count of products, customers, and orders.
You can count the price of your replatforming with Cart2Cart using the Migration Estimator.

Is it possible to try the Cart2Cart migration tool for free?

Yes, the Cart2Cart database migration service provides a free unlimited Demo Migration feature (test transfer). It allows to move a limited amount of data types (up to 10 products, customers, orders and other data related to them) from Magento to your new PrestaShop platform in around 10-15 minutes. When you are happy with the Demo results, you can move on with the Full (paid) transfer.

Will the migration affect my existing store?

Absolutely not. The replatforming process doesn’t impact your Source shopping platform in any way. You can keep selling as usual while the data is being migrated.

Is it possible to make my old Magento store SEO URLs working after PrestaShop migration?

Choose the Create the 301 redirects on your Target store after migration option to keep your old Magento store links working on the new PrestaShop. To enable the option, you’ll also need to install paid 301, 302, 303 URL Redirects – SEO Module to your PrestaShop Store before launching the Full Migration. But note, due to PrestaShop peculiarities, it adds ID numbers to category and product URLs in the process of migration to this particular platform. We recommend choosing the additional Migrate categories and products SEO URLs option, which requires the installation of the previously mentioned module as well.

Is multi-store migration from Magento to PrestaShop available with Cart2Cart?

Sure. Cart2Cart supports the multi-store migration across these shopping carts. However, keep in mind that the Preserve products/customers/orders IDs on the Target store options is not available in this case.

Can Cart2Cart automatically transfer my Magento store reviews to PrestaShop?

Of course. Cart2Cart provides reviews migration from Magento to PrestaShop. However, you’ll have to install the additional Prestashop Free product reviews (comments) module beforehand in order to see them in the PrestaShop admin panel. The module is free and no skills are required to install it from the PrestaShop official marketplace.

Do I risk losing data from my existing Magento store after the migration?

No, your migrated Magento e-shop info isn't influenced by the transfer at all. In layman's terms, the data (products, customers, order history, etc.) is just “copied”(exported) from Magento and “pasted” (imported) into your new store database.

So, the data transfer process is totally safe for the store that is migrated and there is zero risk of losing any of the data. We guarantee 100% uptime and data security during the migration via Cart2Cart database migration tool. In other words, you can keep selling while your Source Store data is being transferred to the new eCommerce platform.

How to export Magento products to PrestaShop?

To automatically import your products from Magento to PrestaShop, simply tick the necessary checkbox(Products) while setting up your migration.

Can I migrate Magento orders to PrestaShop?

To move the orders from Magento to PrestaShop, you should click the necessary field (Orders) in Migration Wizard during switch configuration and your Magento orders will be moved to PrestaShop in no time.

Does the data migration process influence my Magento store performance?

No, the data migration doesn’t impact either the speed, or the performance of your existing Magento eCommerce website. The Cart2Cart migration service just exports the records from your Magento eCommerce website and imports it into the new PrestaShop one. It doesn’t impact the eCommerce website in any way, so it can run as usual.

How to transfer the database from Magento to PrestaShop?

Please, complete these steps to migrate your Magento webstore database from to PrestaShop:
  • Pick Magento and PrestaShop platforms from the list.
  • Select the data you want to migrate to PrestaShop and pick the supplementary migration options.
  • Begin free Demo switch to see the service in action.
  • Start the Full database import.

Do you support the migration of attributes from Magento to PrestaShop?

If you want to import attributes to the PrestaShop cart, we suggest that you to check the list of supported data entities above to make sure it is supported for your Magento to PrestaShop migration prior to launching the data replatforming.

Simple transfer with no coding expertise needed


Transfer your Magento database to PrestaShop with Cart2Cart and benefit from the new store functionality

Mid-sized business

Profit from the fast data migration to 85+ ecommerce solutions

Starting from2 migrations
/per account

Cart2Cart will easily spare you of the data import hassle and carry our your clients' database migration at a discounted rate

Ecommerce professionals

Let the pros get it done for you


Don't bother about the data transfer - we will move the Magento records to PrestaShop according to your requirements

Large enterprise

“Cart2Cart is a phenomenal migration tool that saves us time, a lot of energy and money... If we had to put in the man hours, it would literally cost us 10x the amount Cart2Cart actually cost.”

Jason Sidana, Co-Founder of Midknight Genius,
Web Design&Development Agency, NY

If you handle managing your e-store, you can migrate it with Cart2Cart. No coding, no worries

Just a few hours - and all your store data is moved to its new home

The process of data transfer has no effect on the migrated store. At all

We’re ready to help import data from database dump, csv. file, a rare shopping cart etc

Get every bit of help right when you need it. Our live chat experts will eagerly guide you through the entire migration process

Get the most out of your data transfer

Too much data to migrate and too little time? Let Cart2Cart migration tool manage your Magento to PrestaShop import in a flash. Just specify what needs to be transferred and hit the Start button.

Charge of miggration

We’re committed to protecting our customers’ data security. Check out our Security Policy

All migrations are performed on a secure dedicated Hetzner server with restricted physical access

HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption are used to protect the data being exchanged

The most up-to-date network architecture schema, firewall and access restrictions protect our system from electronic attacks

Employee access to customer migration data is restricted, logged and audited

Cart2Cart Reviews

Online store owner

Great Service, and great support team. Used for a migration from Magento to PrestaShop, it works like a charm.
Review source

From Magento
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

It’s an easy system to clone products on different platforms. I use it as tool to migrate things from magento to PRestashop and it works perfectly. I would recommend it
Review source

From Magento
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

I was in to move from the Magento to Prestashop.The migration was easy to set up and get running, there was a small problem with the move but the team acted quickly and resolved the issue. Excellent service.

From Magento
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Great service which allowed us to transfer products, customers and orders database of our customer from Virtuemart to Prestashop 2 times: a first time in order to prepare the new website and a second time in order to update new customers and new orders placed in the meantime. Without Cart2Cart this would have been more complicated… A great customer service also, very available and very competent. Thanks to them
Review source

From VirtueMart
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Tiene un servicio online que me ha salvado la vida. Y de momento todo a funcionado perfecto migrando de woocommerce a prestashop. Me han facilitado la vida y me han alegrado el día
Review source

From WooCommerce
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Cart2Cart helped me with several PrestaShop migrations. They always give good support, ready to listen and help if needed. I migrated several stores with 15000 products, with no problem.

This is the best migration tool I know.
Review source

To PrestaShop
Online store owner

This was the only service that worked for X-Cart5 to PrestaShop migration. Other paid service (even a paid “pro” module on PrestaShop store) revealed completely useless. With Cart2Cart I was able to test migration and quickly see any issue on the target shop. I recommend it
Review source

From X-Cart
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Working with pleasure with you, did a big migration from old prestashop to the latest version, all migrated with no issues and delivered in time! Thanks a lot! Saved me also a lot of time.

From PrestaShop
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Great bussiness, and extraordinary on line help, great tech chat, really great service, from old shop Zen cart to a superb prestashop 1.6x. Thanks a lot, save time and money… I recommend for sure

From Zen Cart
To PrestaShop
Online store owner

Brilliant…I needed to migrate from oscommerce to Prestashop and Cart2cart made it so very easy. I was doubtful at first so I ran the on-line demo which put me at ease as it so worked well that I went to the next stage and migrated the entire shop. Completed in minutes, no need for any support just followed the simple on-screen instructions and that’s all there was to it. Thank you it was worth every penny

From osCommerce
To PrestaShop

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