1. Registration

Sign up or sign in with your existing Cart2Cart account. You can also use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.

2. Source and Target Carts Setup

Select Source Cart and paste its URL into an appropriate field. Now, click "Download the Connection Bridge" that allows to establish connection between the carts. Unzip it to your store’s root folder via FTP. Then, select Target Cart and repeat the same procedure as with the Source Cart.

The Connection Bridge can be uploaded automatically. To do this, click “I want Cart2Cart to upload it automatically” and provide your FTP details.

Source and Target Carts Setup

3. Entities Selection

Choose entities you’re willing to migrate, for example, products, customers, orders, categories, reviews, etc. Here, you may also choose a number of additional options to extend your migration possibilities.

Then, match the meanings of customer groups/order statuses from your Source Cart to the corresponding ones in your Target Cart.

Entities Selection

4. Free Demo Migration

Start free Demo Migration to see Cart2Cart in action and move a limited number of entities to your Target Cart.

Free Demo Migration

5. Full Migration Launch

You can optionally choose the Migration Insurance that allows to restart data transfer cheaply within a certain period of time. After, launch Full Migration. A few hours later, your brand new online store is ready to go!

Full Migration Launch