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magento vs opencart

Magento vs OpenCart. Which Should You Use to Sell Online?

Needless to say that shopping cart is considered to be the key to an online store's success that’s why it is so important to choose the proper one which will suit your business needs and requirements best. Making the right decision between Magento and OpenCart is a difficult task faced by many entrepreneurs, but it is an important choice. So...

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An automated products export from Weebly platform by Cart2Cart

Data Export from Weebly Shopping Cart is Now Possible with Cart2Cart

The Christmas markets and bright decoration all over the places hit clearly that the holidays are coming. The first gift you are going to get this year is support of...

Cart2Cart News | 1 MIN READ
e-Commerce Pricing Strategies and approaches

3 Most Effective E-commerce Pricing Strategies

Tackling cost issue is perhaps the most painstaking process which demands deep expertise as well as certain intuitive feel.  Pricing your product too low or too high can have unfavorable...

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Useful tips on e-Commerce Re-platforming

4 Key Tips on e-Commerce Re-platforming

In recent years online retailing patterns and technologies have leaped forwards urging store owners to conduct an e-Commerce re-platforming. Because of profound changes in shopping experience outdated platforms cannot meet...

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Ecommerce KPI Metrics - 10 Ways to Track the Success of Your Business

If you track the success of your e-commerce business solely by the number of sales that come in, it's safe to say that you aren't maximizing your revenue potential. Every...

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Restore Magento Database

How to Backup and Restore Magento Database [Step-by-Step Guide]

Whether you’re an experienced store owner or a newbie, by now you should’ve already come to terms with having to create backups before each small or significant website modification. Though...

Magento | 3 MIN READ
Sell Digital Downloads with PrestaShop

How to Sell Digital Downloads with PrestaShop

Digital downloads comprise a huge segment of all products sold online and continue to increase their share. A lot of retailers are attracted by the advantages of distributing non-physical items...

PrestaShop | 8 MIN READ