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magento vs opencart

Magento vs OpenCart. Which Should You Use to Sell Online?

Needless to say that shopping cart is considered to be the key to an online store's success that’s why it is so important to choose the proper one which will suit your business needs and requirements best. Making the right decision between Magento and OpenCart is a difficult task faced by many entrepreneurs, but it is an important choice. So...

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The Warmest Christmas Greetings from Cart2Cart!

Colorful Christmas lights are on, stockings are filled with awesome gifts and beautifully wrapped presents are waiting under a Fir tree. It’s time to take a break from a rush...

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import_products_from_etsy _to _shopify

Best Solution to Import Products from Etsy to Shopify (and Other Entities)

Etsy is a fast-growing marketplace that attracts a significant number of merchants worldwide since it’s a perfect place to trial new business ideas. But with the expanding of your business...

Must-Know Tips | 6 MIN READ

5 Best Shopware Templates for Outstanding Store Design

Shopware is known to be one of the most versatile open-source e-Commerce solutions combining cutting-edge technologies with a progressive vision of online shopping. Cart2Cart now supports migration to Shopware, so...

Must-Know Tips | 5 MIN READ

4 Effective Ways of e-Commerce Fraud Prevention with Your Payment Gateway Settings

Globally, there is a multi-billion dollar online payment fraud industry that is growing at an alarming 11% per year. Roughly 27 of every 1,000 online purchases is fraudulent, with digital...

Must-Know Tips | 7 MIN READ
automated- data-export-from-wix

Cart2Cart Introduces the Support of Automated WiX Migration

Cart2Cart has been around with you for so long, but we'll never stop to delight you with pleasant surprises. Today, excited more than ever and just 24 hours from announcing...

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How to Build a Proper WooCommerce URL Structure

The URL structure on your WooCommerce store strongly affects its search engine rankings and user experience. If configured badly, it can cause mistakes, performance disruptions and duplicates. Therefore, avoiding such...

WooCommerce | 3 MIN READ