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magento vs opencart

Magento vs OpenCart. Which Should You Use to Sell Online?

Needless to say that shopping cart is considered to be the key to an online store's success that’s why it is so important to choose the proper one which will suit your business needs and requirements best. Making the right decision between Magento and OpenCart is a difficult task faced by many entrepreneurs, but it is an important choice. So...

Must-Know Tips | 4 MIN READ

Why Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 [Infographic]

Merchants have begun arguing about moving to the new platform if nothing considerable has been added to its functionality. Since Magento 2 was released, there have also been concerns if...

Magento | 2 MIN READ

Is Shopify SEO Any Good: A Complete List of Features

It’s not a secret that organic search traffic is one of the key success factors for online businesses. Hosted platforms are traditionally considered to be weak from the SEO perspective...

Shopify | 5 MIN READ

In Depth xt:Commerce NEXT Review

xt:Commerce NEXT is a Germany-based progressive SaaS version of xt:Commerce open-source shopping cart. It is designed for a fast and effortless entering to the e-Commerce market and offers a comprehensive,...

Must-Know Tips | 4 MIN READ

Awesome News! Automated xt:Commerce NEXT Migration is Now Provided by Cart2Cart

Remember that time when everyone was crazily excited about the concept of open-source software? Suprise! Nobody cares about open-source now (except geeks and all-mighty developers, naturally). Nearly every piece of...

Cart2Cart News | 1 MIN READ

4 Proven Ways to Deal with OpenCart Security Issues

OpenCart is a popular open source e-Commerce solution that attracts a huge number of retailers by its extensive customization possibilities and ease-of-use. Since the platform is open source its internal...

OpenCart | 5 MIN READ

How to Add a New Language to Magento Store in a Few Steps

Magento platform gives a wonderful opportunity to operate a multi-language store. Since the share of non-English speaking Internet users is quite substantial, it will be extremely beneficial to go global...

Magento | 4 MIN READ