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magento vs opencart

Magento vs OpenCart. Which Should You Use to Sell Online?

Needless to say that shopping cart is considered to be the key to an online store's success that’s why it is so important to choose the proper one which will suit your business needs and requirements best. Making the right decision between Magento and OpenCart is a difficult task faced by many entrepreneurs, but it is an important choice. So...

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New Migration Opportunity: Automated Squarespace Export Introduced by Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart is excited to introduce the support of Squarespace export! Now you can reach new horizons by conducting Squarespace migration to one of 75+ top performing e-Commerce solutions, including Shopify,...

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CoreCommerce Import Available! Perform CoreCommerce Migration with Cart2Cart

More amazing news from Cart2Cart! At very last we established the support of migration to CoreCommerce -- an innovative hosted shopping cart with prominent past and promising future! Now you...

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Wix eCommerce Review: Good but Could Be Better

A lot of new retailers use Wix as a convenient and easy-to-use website builder to launch their online business. It’s an effective tool for creating a simple personal website with...

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Cart2Cart Distinguished With eCommerce Software Awards From FinancesOnline

Cart2Cart has often been distinguished by experts for following market’s innovative pace, and growing side by side with companies that confided their operations exactly to our dynamic eCommerce solution. This...

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2017 e-Commerce Trends Store Owners Need to be Aware of!

Record-breaking statistics for e-commerce sales were reported in 2015 and the numbers went even higher in 2016. So based on the annual rise in sales, 2017 is expected to bring...

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9 Surprisingly Impactful Ways to Speed up Magento 1.x - 2.x

It’s not a secret that loading speed really matters for both conversion rates and search rankings. User’s attention spans are inevitably getting shorter and shorter. Nearly half of web shoppers...

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