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The eCommerce industry is a power that can’t be ignored. The global trade industry goes online at a steady rate. Statistics 2019 (source: 99firms) shows impressive figures. This year digital sales are expected to amount to about 14% of global sales. Besides, online shopping is quite freezing brick-and-mortar shopping out of the market. By 2040, 95% of overall purchases will...

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Magento Alternatives

5 Brilliant Magento Alternatives to Run Online Store

The world`s biggest brands adore Magento for its top-notch customization, flexibility, and the introduction of innovative features. Why are so many people looking for Magento alternatives? Despite its greatness, Magento...

Magento | 9 MIN READ
migrate to lanserer: Automatisk migrasjon via vår nye samarbeidspartner Cart2Cart

Beskrivelse: Cart2Cart lanserer en ny import funksjon: Automatisk migrasjon til Ingen manuell datapunching, 100% oppetid på eksisterende butikk, support 24/7, gratis overføring av demo. Store nyheter for alle som...

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squarespace vs shopify

Squarespace vs Shopify: 2019 Comparison

Choosing the best eCommerce builder is similar to picking a candy from a pack. You never know which one tastes better: milk chocolate with nuts or dark with strawberry. In...

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Migration to Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Meet an Automated Migration to Magento 2 Enterprise Edition!

Great news for Magento community! From now on, switching to the world's most feature-packed eCommerce solution is not even a challenge any more. Cart2Cart offers you a chance to perform...

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A short guide how to import products to Shopify!

Guide: How to Import Products to Shopify Automatically

You made a right decision choosing Shopify as a reliable platform for running online business. It seems that you're at crucial phase because now it's high time to import products...

Shopify | 5 MIN READ

Fresh Insights 2018: ECommerce Platforms Market Share | Migration Trends

Finding the best shopping cart to run a successful business was always a challenge. It depends on your needs, financial opportunities, store aims, products you sell and final result you...

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