How to Run/ Enrich a Powerful eCommerce Project Powered by PrestaShop Design

The eCommerce industry is a power that can’t be ignored. The global trade industry goes online at a steady rate. Statistics 2019 (source: 99firms) shows impressive figures. This year digital sales are expected to amount to about 14% of global sales. Besides, online shopping is quite freezing brick-and-mortar shopping out of the market. By 2040, 95% of overall purchases will...

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Best eCommerce Engines For Small Business (2)

Best eCommerce Engines for Small Business

The eCommerce industry is booming with an impressive amount of platforms promising to take your startup to a new level. Undoubtedly, choosing the store engine is a crucial aspect for...

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Merciless GoDaddy ecommerce review

Merciless GoDaddy eCommerce Review: Gain or Failure?

The multibillion GoDaddy Inc. is famous not only for its sexist advertising in 2010s, but also for being the America’s biggest domain registrar and web hosting provider. In 2014 GoDaddy...

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Broadening Weebly Data Export: Orders & Customers

Broadening Weebly Data Export: Orders & Customers

Great news guys! Recently Cart2Cart added Weebly data export and received lots of positive feedback for providing such an opportunity for e-merchants. Moreover, several dozens of store owners have already...

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ecommerce seo best practices

eCommerce SEO Best Practices | 12 Tips

Most online store owners are aware how crucial it is to rank high in search engine results page. However, not all of them have a clear insight of eCommerce SEO...

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export GoDaddy

Export GoDaddy Online Store Data to 75+ Platforms with Cart2Cart

Are you ready for a jolt? After noticing many requests from store owners, Cart2Cart launches automated GoCentral by GoDaddy migration. From now on, you can easily export GoDaddy online store...

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magento1 support end date

Magento 1 Support End Date Postponed?

If there’s anything magentoers would not expect to happen, it did on 30.05.17. Jason Woosley, Vice President of Technology for Magento Commerce, published a post on the Magento blog to...

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