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November, 11 is just around the corner! Do you know what’s so special about this day? If only Singles' Day comes to your mind, think again. No ideas? … The world’s largest shopping festival is coming! What is the Global Shopping Day About? The holiday started in the 1990s as a celebration day for singles (if written numerically, the date...

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godaddy vs shopify

GoDaddy vs Shopify: Broad Glance at the Major Aspects

Nowadays, the business world comes along with an abundance of new customer’s requirements and an issue of finding a right online shopping cart to fit the company’s demands. Whether you're...

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How To Update WooCommerce

How To Update WooCommerce: Benefits, Challenges and Instructions

Upgrades are part of daily life for WordPress users, usual routine everybody’s got used to and doesn’t t make any fuss of. However what concerns updating store on WooCommerce, WordPress...

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AI Powered Personalization

9 Things You Need To Learn Today About AI Powered Personalization

In today’s hyper commoditized world, personalized digital experience is the only way to delivering a superior customer experience. In fact, according to a recent study by Business Insider, about 80%...

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opencart review 2018

OpenCart Review 2018: Discover the Assets of the Advanced E-Store

The rapidly evolving business world and constantly changing customers’ demands call for the eCommerce innovations to achieve the skillful selling and reach the desired company results. If you want to...

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eCommerce Trends 2018

eCommerce Trends 2018 - Game Changers for the Next Year and Beyond

Experts keep sharing the common prediction that global retail from eCommerce sales will double during the next five years and will reach almost 5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Clearly,...

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e commerce migrating and its benefits

E-commerce Platform Migration and its Benefits

In 2017 E-commerce retailers have witnessed 16.2% increase in sales compared to the year 2016 as per US Department of Census. The increase clearly indicated the huge demand. E-commerce giants...

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