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How to find BigCommerce Product ID?
  1. Open the product page.
  2. Open the product image.
  3. In the product image URL find "/products/".
  4. The product ID will be right after "/products/".

If this doesn’t work, you can also export data via CSV. For more info, watch this video

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301 redirect was not migrated during BigCommerce migration

In BigCommerce this feature is available only within a paid store plan. Therefore, to migrate 301 redirects to/from BigCommerce, it is necessary to upgrade your current store to a paid store plan.

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BigCommerce Admin Access Validation Error

From now and on our clients don’t have to create API Credentials, Cart2Cart will do it for you automatically!

Migration from BigCommerce only requires you to provide Admin email address and password. However, there is a number of cases, in which an error occurs:

  1. The email or password you’ve entered is invalid;
  2. Your Administrator account on BigCommerce is disabled;
  3. Bigcommerce site is unavailable;
  4. API Credentials cannot be created for other reasons.

But, even so, there is a different way to start the migration. Look through this FAQ to find out where you can get BigCommerce API Path and API Token.

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You have reached BigCommerce API calls limit

Standard and Plus plans have a limit of 20,000 API calls per hour, unlike Pro plan, that features 60,000 API calls per hour. As for Enterprise clients, they have unlimited API calls. In case you hit this threshold, don’t worry, your migration is still ongoing. All your Product Variants will be transferred accurately and securely, but it will take a little bit longer. These limits were submitted by BigCommerce, that’s why Cart2Cart cannot exceed them. Just chill out and wait, the replatforming process will be completed as soon as possible.

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How to Migrate to BigCommerce via the "Migration for BigCommerce" app?

If you wish to replatform to BigCommerce via the "Migration for BigCommerce" module, the instructions below will help you to go through the migration process seamlessly:

Source & Target Cart Setup

Choose your current platform from the list of supported platforms and provide the required store credentials: the store’s URL address (if migrating from an open-source cart) or the store’s API details (if migrating from a hosted solution). When ready, click the Install Plugin button and add the "Migration for Bigcommerce" app needed to enable connection with your Bigcommerce store. Once done, click the Choose Entities button.


Note: The access details are required to establish the connection between the stores automatedly. The provided information is totally secure and protected according to the Cart2Cart Privacy Policy.

Choose the data to migrate

Specify the store entities that need to be imported to BigCommerce. Just click on the matching checkboxes or activate the Select All option to migrate all the store data. What’s more, take time to choose some of the additional migration options to broaden the BigCommerce migration.

opencart options

Perform Data Mapping

Match Order Statuses, Customer Groups of your current shopping cart to the matching ones on your BigCommerce. Data will migrate accordingly to the set relations.

opencart mapping

Launch demo migration

At this point you can benefit from the demo migration and transfer a limited number of store entities from your current store to BigCommerce. It will take you up to 15-30min and allow you to observe the service in action.

opencart demo

Start full migration

By activating the Start Full Migration button, you’ll launch all your current store data migration to BigCommerce in a fully automated manner.

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I've got my BigCommerce categories structure broken after migration. Why did it happen?

There might be categories that go 9th level deep in your BigCommerce store while the platform has the limitation in category depth maximum of 8. Thus, categories that go beyond the 9th level, Cart2Cart makes the root ones.

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Where can I get BigCommerce API Path and API Token?

Follow the steps below to get the API Path & API Token of your BigCommerce store:

1. Once you've logged into the store's control panel, go to Settings.

bigcommerce api path

2. Navigate to Store-level API accounts.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

3. Click the Create API Account button.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

4. Enter a Name for the app/integration corresponding to your account. Copy the API Path and insert it into the appropriate field in Migration Wizard.

bigcommerce api path

5. Under OAuth Scopes, specify the API resources and permissions to which your app/integration requires access. Choose Modify for all items.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

6. After making changes, activate the Save button.

7. Copy your API Credentials from the pop-up shown below and paste them into appropriate fields on the Migration Wizard (You need only Client ID and Access Token).

Api credentials

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The cart type is invalid or you entered invalid auth data

Make sure that you specified the correct "shopping cart type" and "store URL". Please check whether you entered valid "Account, API Path and API Token".

Follow the link to find out where to get BigCommerce API Path and API Token.


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Can I migrate 301 redirects to BigCommerce?

301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to the other.

BigCommerce 301 redirects

Yes, Cart2Cart provides a possibility to migrate 301 redirects to BigCommerce. But it’s possible only if your Source Cart supports migration of categories and products SEO URLs, they are:

  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • CS-Cart
  • PrestaShop
  • VirtueMart
  • WooCommerce
  • osCommerce
Furthermore, migration of 301 redirects to BigCommerce is available only in case you choose migration of categories and products SEO URLs.

Note: If you choose "Clear current data on Target Store before Migration" option, all your 301 redirects on Target store will be cleared.

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Will my SKU be migrated to BigCommerce store?

Cart2Cart provides a possibility to migrate SKU to your Bigcommerce store. Nonetheless, there is one peculiarity. In a case, there are the same product SKU on your source store and Bigcommerce store, after migration your SKU will look like SKU 1, SKU 2, etc. For example, SKU #153 on your source will look like SKU #153 1 on your target Bigcommerce store.

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Can Cart2Cart create redirects to my new products and categories after migration to BigCommerce?

Yes, Cart2Cart does create redirects after migrations to Bigcommerce, but only if the additional option - "Create the 301 redirects on your target store after migration" is chosen on Migraiton Wizard.

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