Cart2Cart Additional Options - Extra Opportunities for Data Migration

Cart2Cart Team systematically examines the functionality of a service in order to find out new solutions to satisfy customers needs. There are different ways how e-merchants can expand migration opportunities and make the process of data transferring even more flawless and the result even more accurate. This article shows these ways and provides a recap of all Cart2Cart’s additional options and their explanation.

Delete current data from the Target Store before the migration

Already installed a desirable shopping cart and decided to create some test products in order to see how they will look like? Or maybe tried to transfer data manually but while doing that understood it is not a proper solution for you? If the answer is “Yes”, this additional option is for you. Cart2Cart provides an opportunity to automatically clear all data from your Target Store before migration. It will help you to avoid inconveniences during the migration process and get an accurate result at the end. Take into a consideration, data will be deleted according to selected entities for migration. For example, if you’ve picked to migrate products on the step of Wizard, only products will be deleted from your Target store. Find more info here.

Preserve product/customer/order IDs on the Target Store

This additional option provides a possibility to migrate products/customers/orders IDs to a Target store without changes. For instance, your customer #3 will be moved to Target store as customer #3. It will help you in a future store administration. Please take into a consideration, this option requires clearing Target store data first. Check our article for more comprehensive information.

Create product variants based on the combinations of attribute values

With this additional option, you will save a time eliminating the procedure of setting product variants for each product in the catalog. Nonetheless, each shopping cart has its own peculiarities, which you can findb here.

Strip HTML from category and product names

This option provides a possibility to migrate product and categories names without HTML tags. For example, if your category name is
“< b >Clothes< /b >”, with this option HTML tags will be stripped and category name will be moved like “Clothes”. The option should be picked in case HTML is configured incorrectly or is not necessary on Target store.

Transfer images from product descriptions and categories descriptions.

For better understanding of product functionality, descriptions may contain images. This additional option allows to transfer them to a Target store as well. Please take into consideration, pictures in product descriptions are mainly realized in HTML. That’s why options “Strip HTML from category and product names” and “Migrate images from product descriptions and categories descriptions” are contradictory and can not be chosen simultaneously.

Preserve product image URLs

This additional option is available for some hosted shopping carts and allows to migrate the image link structure. In a case, this option is unchecked images will be displayed from your Source store and when it will be down, images won’t be shown on a Target store any more. That’s why it is recommended to pick an option “Preserve product image URLs” and after migration is completed, transfer folders with pictures manually. It is obligatory to save file names and folder structure. For more detailed information on how copy the folder with images from the source shopping cart, read our FAQ.

Create the 301 redirects on your target store after migration

Cart2Cart provides a possibility to create the 301 redirects of products and categories SEO URLs on your target store after migration only within a limited number of shopping carts such as:

For more detailed information about this additional option read our article Migrate SEO URLs with Cart2Cart and check out our instructional video.

Skip product thumbnail images migration

This option provides a possibility to migrate only main (large) images and skip migration of thumbnail images. In a case, your product images have the same size like thumbnail images, without this option all of them will be moved. As a result, you may face duplications. If the size of images is different and you wish to transfer all of them, don’t choose this option.

Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store

Sometimes, when migration is completed, e-merchants may face the situation when the products that are out of stock on Source store aren’t displayed on the Target one. But there is no more place for disappointment. To avoid such situation, Cart2Cart offers an opportunity to change quantity of out of stock entities from Source cart to 100 on the Target cart. Here you can see how your online store will look like with and without using this additional option.

Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and products

301 redirects allow you to set up a permanent redirection from one link to another. Such type of redirection can move a huge percentage of ranking power to the new link and, therefore, is the most suitable for SEO purposes. Using this additional option permits merchants to redirect previous products and categories URLs to the new ones on Target store.

Migrate customer's passwords

This option helps you transfer customer passwords to the target store, and thus, prevent your clients from having to recreate them after migration. It helps you provide clients with comfort.

As for now, passwords migration is provided for a limited number of carts - however, we're going to make it available for other platforms soon enough.

Here the video tutorial about how the option works and how to use it:

Migrate invoices to the Target cart

Each order on your source store contains lots of valuable customer data. This option permits you to transfer info from Invoices, Credit Memos and Shipments order menus, from your current Magento store to a newer version. Here is a dedicated video:

So, these are additional options provided by Cart2Cart. Now you know what each of them means and can choose those that will perfectly suit your business requirements.