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Where can I get BigCommerce API Path and API Token?

Follow the steps below to get the API Path & API Token of your BigCommerce store:

1. Once you've logged into the store's control panel, go to Settings.

bigcommerce api path

2. Navigate to Store-level API accounts.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

3. Click the Create API Account button.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

4. Enter a Name for the app/integration corresponding to your account. Copy the API Path and insert it into the appropriate field in Migration Wizard.

bigcommerce api path

5. Under OAuth Scopes, specify the API resources and permissions to which your app/integration requires access. Choose Modify for all items.

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

BigCommerce API Path and API Token

6. After making changes, activate the Save button.

7. Copy your API Credentials from the pop-up shown below and paste them into appropriate fields on the Migration Wizard (You need only Client ID and Access Token).

Api credentials

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