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I'm a shopping cart developer. Can I use your service for my work?

Definitely. You can use Cart2Cart service to migrate the customers' store info from one shopping cart to another. You won't need to develop any scripts to move the products/customer/orders. Cart2Cart will help to do this quickly and accurately.

Please sign up to our Reseller Program and get a discount for multiple migrations.


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Do you have a Reseller Program?

Yes. We encourage users to join our partner/reseller program and enjoy its advantages. We offer wide access to resources and rewards for our partners. With our innovative service, you’ll be able to grow and develop your business effectively. Click here for more information


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How to become Cart2Cart affiliate?

To join our affiliate program, please follow these steps:

    1. Register an affiliate account here. The approval process takes 1-2 business days.

Register an affiliate account

    1. After your registration request is approved, you’ll receive an email with the affiliate’s login and password
    2. Log in to your affiliate account
    3. At the Home page you’ll find all the basic stats, and your affiliate link Home page
    4. Copy the last part of the affiliate link, add it to Cart2Cart’s webpage address, and put it on your website.

Home page

  1. As a result your affiliate link should look like this


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Is there an option to become your partner?

Yes, you can use Cart2Cart service to migrate information from customer’s current shopping cart to a desirable one. To become our official partner you have to perform at least one Cart2Cart migration.

Please check our Partner Program for available options or just contact us.


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How much work can you bring my way?

It's impossible to provide estimates at this moment, but to get maximum results from your listing at Cart2Cart we recommend you to: 

  1. Add complete and detailed information to the proper category
  2. Upload the high-quality company's introduction
  3. Respond quickly to customer inquiries


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Why should I list my company on your web site?

Having your company listed in the Cart2Cart Migration Partners section will help you reach the target audience and get leads from potential customers.

Sounds interesting? Become Cart2Cart's partner by submiting partnership request now!


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How exactly does the Partner Program work ?

You have to list your company information on our website where the merchants can find you and go to your site.

Please, follow these steps to complete the company registration:

  1. Find the category that fits your business peculiarities.
  2. Read the Service Provider Agreement.

You can expect the following results:

  1. Merchants will contact you via inquiry form regarding any migration issues, migration assistance, post-migration customization or other design/development questions.
  2. Merchants will visit the website you have listed at Cart2Cart and contact you for service information.
  3. Your services will be recommended by Cart2Cart at different stages of migration process. Therefore, merchants will be able to contact you for specific details or to establish cooperation with minimal negotiations.

Sounds interesting? List your company on Cart2Cart website by submiting partnership request!


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How do you provide the contact between company and merchants? Will you be a mediator?

Merchants will contact you directly for the services they need. Your company/services will be recommended at different stages of the migration process.

It's possible to select the shopping cart by listing in the appropriate category, but not by the type of inquiries that you receive.

You will establish direct contacts with customers.


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How to get listed on your Cart2Cart Migration partners page?

 Please, follow these simple steps:

  1. Read and accept the terms of the Service Provider Agreement.
  2. Submit the partnership request.
  3. Add your company's information to the appropriate category in the Migration Partners section on the Cart2Cart website.
You can list your company in more than 1 category, just make sure it provides the necessary services.


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How much does it cost to list my company on your web site?

It's free for qualified service providers. Please check if your company meets the Service Provider Agreement requirements.

The terms of the agreement may change in the future, but the option will remain free for service providers who have registered earlier.


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What discount will I get as Cart2Cart partner?

Cart2Cart partners can get a discount depending on the number of performed migrations. The Loyalty program works as follows:

Partner Discount Program
1 performed migration 5% discount
5 performed migrations 10% discount
10 performed migrations 20% discount
20 performed migrations 30% discount
30 performed migrations 40% discount

Become the Cart2Cart's partner and get the migration discount by submiting the partnership request now!

Note: The Reseller discount is not valid for those Cart2Cart services that require additional customization, e.g., the Data Migration Service Packages.

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