Will my customer passwords be migrated after OpenCart Migration?

Yes, Cart2Cart provides an opportunity for customer passwords migration from and to OpenCart. However, OpenCart store needs to have default settings and no custom code changes.

Note: OpenCart passwords migration is performed only for 3.0 and higher versions. If you use lower than 3.0 OpenCart version, this option will be unavailable.

To check whether passwords migration is supported for your Source and Target stores check Cart2Cart Password Migration landing.

For passwords migration to OpenCart Cart2Cart suggests installing the free plugin. Find out How to install Cart2Cart OpenCart Passwords Migration Plugin

Note: If your shopping cart was not downloaded from an official OpenCart site or has any modifications in password settings, we can not guarantee its accurate transfer.

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How to install Cart2Cart OpenCart Passwords Migration Plugin?

Once you’ve decided to migrate customers’ passwords to the new OpenCart store, install Cart2Cart plugin to guarantee swift and accurate data transfer. Follow the 5 steps below to get the job done:

  1. Download Cart2Cart OpenCart Passwords Migration Plugin by clicking on the link.
  2. Log in your OpenCart admin panel. Go to “Extensions” - “Installer’. Click on “Upload” button and select “” file you’ve just downloaded.

  3. After the extension has been successfully installed you’ll get “Success: You have modified extensions” notice.

  4. From the list of the extensions choose “Cart2Cart Opencart Passwords Migration” and click on the green “Install” button.

  5. Once you’ve coped with task successfully you’ll get the notification: “Success: You have modified modules”. Now you can proceed with Full Migration settings.

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Is multilanguage migration to/from OpenCart possible?

Whatever number of languages your OpenCart store has or will have - Cart2Cart will migrate all of them smoothly and accurately.

The data import of multiple languages to OpenCart is available for the next shopping carts: Magento, osCommerce, ThirtyBees, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, X-Cart, xt:Commerce, Zen Cart as well during OpenCart upgrade.

In case you are willing to switch the data of multiple languages from OpenCart, these online shopping platforms are the options to perform the transfer: WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopware.

Besides, you are welcome to explore the list of all shopping carts that support the multiple languages import by exploring the Cart2Cart Multilanguages Migration page.

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Does Cart2Cart migrate product ratings and reviews from/to OpenCart?

If you wish to move your store from/to OpenCart there is an opportunity to migrate product ratings and reviews in a row with products, categories, customers, order history, etc.

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I would like to migrate to OpenCart. However, there is one obstacle. My store has two languages, will they be migrated?

Whatever quantity of languages you have, 2 or 20, Cart2Cart provides a possibility to move all of them smoothly and accurately. Investigate a list of the shopping carts that support the multiple languages import by visiting the following Cart2Cart Multiple Languages Migration page.

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I’ve read on your site about an option "Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+ $ 59)". I would like to migrate to OpenCart. Will this option be applicable in this case?

Yes, Cart2Cart provides an opportunity to migrate SEO URLs to OpenCart. However, due to service limitations currently you will be able to move your SEO links only from Magento, CS-Cart and PrestaShop. (more…)
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Lately I’ve migrated from OpenCart, but size and length were not preserved. Why is it so?

Unfortunately, it is set by default that "length", "height", "width", "cm", "m", "inch", "gr", "kg" can’t be moved. (more…)
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Can I perform SEO migration to OpenCart?

Yes, you can migrate SEO URLs to OpenCart by picking “Migrate categories and products SEO URLs” additional option. You may find the list of shopping carts that support this additional option here.

What else needs to be done?

To ensure SEO URLs are displayed correctly after migrating to OpenCart, log in to your OpenCart Admin area, go to System -> Server, find “Use SEO URLs” and check the “Yes” box.

seo migration to opencart

Additionally, you need to have a correctly formated .htaccess file in the root of the OpenCart installation (beside the admin and catalog folders). Please visit this page and check whether the .htaccess file content is similar to what's highlighted in red. If not, copy and paste the text into a text editor and save it as ".htaccess".

How it will look like?

Below, you can see how SEO Keywords of product and category URLs will be migrated to OpenCart.

SEO Keyword of a product:

seo migration to opencart

SEO Keyword of a category:

seo migration to opencart
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