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Magento SEO Strategies That Work: A Comprehensive Guide

“How do I get my website on the first page of Google?” If you’re thinking – Google ads, we hate to break it to you, but that won't do much to drum up business. People absolutely hate ads on SERPs. 96% of users breeze past them, heading straight to organic results, even though paid ads occupy the top three slots. SEO will always reign supreme. With that in mind, this article takes a deep dive into the top Magento SEO strategies you can implement to put your business directly in front of customers looking for it. Why SEO Matters for Your Magento Store The life and death of your eCommerce business relies entirely on its ability to attract new customers. Here’s why SEO is important for your Magento Store. To Drive Brand Awareness Most online stores rely on search engine optimization as a low-cost alternative for brand awareness. Your business’s...

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Top-Rated BigCommerce Alternatives for Small Business Owners

BigCommerce is a 'software as a service' (SaaS) solution — you don't own the software to set up and run your online store; you pay a monthly fee to use...

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Interview with Catalin Zorzini

Interview with Catalin Zorzini, the founder of "Ecommerce Platforms"

Continuing our Interview Series with the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the sphere of eCommerce, today we are happy to present our conversation with Catalin Zorzini. The founder of...

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Paul Rogers interview

Interview with Paul Rogers, Ecommerce Replatforming Expert

Paul, thank you for finding the time to answer our questions. Being a well-known ecommerce replatforming expert, you have a specific (and exciting) field of expertise. Please, share the key...

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Interview with Patrick Gerrits

Losing my Store was Like Losing a Little Baby - Interview with Patrick Gerrits

We’re lucky to have a chance to learn from mistakes of others, and lucky to have someone willing to share their experience. Today our guest is Patrick Gerrits, a former...

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Tomasz Karwatka, the Founder of Divante, Shares His Experience

Tomasz Karwatka, the Founder of Divante, Shares His Experience

Hello our dear readers, and welcome to another edition of Cart2Cart’s fascinating interview series. Today, we’re talking to an outstanding member of eCommerce community, leader of Divante and an overall...

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Make Data Based Decisions - Interview with Alex Harris

Make Data Based Decisions - Interview with Alex Harris

Our today’s guest is the strong evidence for the statement that “If you do what you love, you do it well”. Meet Alex Harris - Creative Director at Alex Designs...

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