How to Collect Subscribers - 5 Tips for e-Commerce

One of the most efficient ways to grow your e-Commerce business is email marketing.The point of this marketing branch lies in collecting e-mail addresses, building communities and converting those "members" into loyal customers. But how to make it work if you don’t have a list of email contacts, who we call "subscribers"?

The rule is simple: the more subscribers you have, the more opportunities you get for merchandize.

How to Collect Subscribers - 5 Tips for e-Commerce

Hence, that is why we want to present you top 5 ways to collect subscribers:

1. Popups on Exit Intent

So, how do exit intent popups work? Whensoever a visitor tries to close the active window or get to a new website, appears a popup with a message. It can contain interesting offers for your visitors: discounts or coupons, e-book or whitepaper download, newsletter sign up - all these in return for leaving their emails. In such a way you’re getting a chance to get a new subscriber before he leaves the site.

The researches showed 3% - 5% subscription rates achievement. If you'd you combine this with free giveaway, you can get sign up rates as high as 10 percent!

How to Collect Subscribers - 5 Tips for e-Commerce

2. Free Giveaway

No doubts, people love freebies. Offering something free to your website visitors, such as an e-book, consultation, free shipping or a product sample, is a great stimulus for people to subscribe. It can be used either together with an exit intent popups, as it was mentioned above or on its own.

3. Blogging

A good way to show that you care about the customers is to share your knowledge on a blog. By posting articles on the topic, people would have a reason to check the site on a regular basis, establishing you as a trusted source on the market.

The information provided on a blog should help your customers to make a better purchase decision or just become a useful tip for their everyday life. For the most dedicated buyers, a blog will give an opportunity to get special discounts and announcements about new products.

So having a blog means that you have content for your email newsletters, and people have a reason to sign up to your email list.

How to Collect Subscribers - 5 Tips for e-Commerce

4. Coupon or Discount for Email Addresses on Cart Abandonment

So having a blog means that you have content for your email newsletters, and people have a reason to sign up to your email list.

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems of e-Commerce nowadays. Why do visitors so often don’t make the last step to complete the purchase? The reasons for such a case (which is not a rare one) can be different, but the fact is a fact - the deal is cancelled.

However, having their emails, you can get a second chance to market to your visitors who abandon their carts. If a visitor was just one step away from purchasing, he is likely interested enough to subscribe, and you can help him to finish.

At this point, it’s about time to get a free offer on the stage and take his email. It can be a discount to use it right away or a coupon to save for later. It is another thing that can be effectively combined with exit intent popups.You can time them to appear only after an attempt to close a web page having a full shopping cart, but without actual purchase.

5. Sticky Bars

Sticky bar is a colored bar that's located at the top of the website and asks to perform a specified action. The bar does not cover the content on your site, but it’s always visible, reminding a visitor to sign up for your list. Also, using this notification bar, you can promote some products, special offers or communicate an important announcement very effectively and without being too intrusive.

How to Collect Subscribers - 5 Tips for e-Commerce

Bottom Line

A good subscriber base guarantees a good repetitive traffic, which often determines the success of your e-Commerce business.

However, technical restrictions of some online store platforms can become a serious obstacle on the way of growing the amount of subscribers. If a current e-Commerce solution in any way limits you from realizing these 5 tips, we can help your store to migrate to a new platform. Try a free Demo Migration now and help your business to develop!