Migration Customization Service

1. Migration from Cart to .CSV

Cart2Cart service provides the option of exporting data from shopping cart to .CSV file. It allows to retrieve products, categories, customers and orders to .CSV from more than 40 popular eCommerce platforms. The option has a number of benefits. It helps to optimize work with store data, transferring catalog into convenient and flexible .CSV format. This gives you opportunities of easy data processing, storage and management. The option also saves time for generating .CSV file and helps to avoid errors connected with data loss or data duplication.

To perform the procedure of data transfer to .CSV file you should first of all register Cart2Cart account. Then log in and start your migration. You are required to provide the source cart type, and store URL. Providing a target cart type choose the Cart to .CSV file option.

The cost of option depends on the quantity of items that are to be exported.

Before proceeding with full store migration to .CSV, it is strongly recommended to perform Demo Migration first. Cart2CSV option gives you a chance to export a few entities for absolutely FREE. Go ahead and start free Demo migration to check the service functionality and enjoy the benefits of Cart2Cart right now.

2. Migration from Database Dump

Cart2Cart provides an option for you to migrate data from your database dump. This type of migration is provided for an additional cost that is provided apart from the overall cost of your shopping cart migration.

Note, Cart2Cart supports migration from the database dump of supported carts. To request migration from your database dump, please contact Cart2Cart support center.

3. Target Cart Installation Service

Haven't got your target shopping cart installed yet? Cart2Cart Team can handle this for you! To make your migration process as smooth and effortless as possible we offer you the following opportunities:

  1. Target Cart Installation within your current hosting. Our tech engineers will investigate your hosting environment and shopping cart requirements to see if they are compatible and then install the necessary platform. In case your current server doesn't work with required eCommerce solution we will provide a set of recommendations on how to resolve this issue.
  2. Target Cart Installation within any required hosting. Aiming to set up your target store within any other hosting than your source cart is placed? We will explore this hosting environment and follow the same procedure as it is described in the first case above.