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Do you migrate the customer passwords?

Cart2Cart supports passwords export from and import to the particular shopping carts. To check the full list of migration pairs where the option is available follow Cart2Cart Password Migration page.

We can't migrate passwords for all the platforms due to differences in algorithms for encryption in shopping carts. Nonetheless, in case your Source and Target shopping carts use the same encryption algorithms, customers' passwords will be migrated. If not, you will have the possibility to change the hashing algorithm on your Target shopping cart so that they were the same.

Exceptions are hosted shopping carts like 3dcart, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Shopify, CoreCommerce, etc. In such a case, your clients should use the Password Recovery tool on your Target shopping cart to access their accounts. For more detailed information on password recovery read this article.

With any questions unclear, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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