How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify [Video]

Prestashop is one of the leaders on the market of e-Commerce solutions. No matter if your store has thousands of products or just several items - Prestashop can satisfy all your needs. In the arsenal of this platform are:

- SEO tools;

- Mobile version;

- Ability to create an unlimited number of categories and products;

- Support of physical products & downloads.

However, many users prefer to use hosted solutions, like Shopify. Such shopping carts have their benefits. No need to think about hosting and it’s security. You can also rely upon soft vendors without worries about data loss. The installation process is smooth and simple. So, if you decided to migrate Prestashop to Shopify, watch the video tutorial and check a step-by-step instruction to find out how you can move your store quickly and easily with Cart2Cart.

Step 1. Create Cart2Cart Account

You can use Facebook or Google accounts to sign in. Otherwise, register a new Cart2Cart account.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 2. Choose Your Source Cart

Now you need to choose your source shopping cart. Check the drop-down menu and find Prestashop. Then include your store URL. To perform migration you need to download and install Connection Bridge to your store via FTP. For more details about this step, check the following link

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 3. Choose Your Target Cart

The third step is to specify Shopify as your target cart. Use drop-down list for that reason. After that include URL. Now you have to provide API Key and API Password from your Shopify store.Login to your Shopify admin panel. Choose Apps menu and click on the link in the bottom for private application activation. There you will find API key and API Password. Copy and paste them into corresponding fields in your Migration Wizard.

How to Migrate Magento to Shopify

Step 4. Select Entities

Cart2Cart allows you to select entities you want migrate. You can move products, categories, manufacturers and customers or all together. There are additional options for migration, but note, they are provided for extra cost.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 5. Multi-store Configuration

Prestashop supports multi-store option. Cart2Cart allows to map stores that need to be migrated.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 6. Map Currencies

Now you can map currencies on your source store with appropriate currencies on the target one.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 7. Start Demo Migration

CAfter all steps you are ready to start Demo Migration. There is an opportunity to skip this step, but we highly recommend to perform it. When the migration is done, you can check your Shopify store. We appreciate your opinion, so please evaluate the migration result.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 8. Perform Full Migration

When you check Demo Migration result and everything is correct, you can head to Full Migration. Otherwise, go to previous steps to change migration options. Click Start Migration button to perform data transfer. Now you can close the window. You will receive an email right after migration is done.

How to Migrate PrestaShop to Shopify

Step 9. Check Results of Migration

As easy as that you transferred data from PrestaShop to Shopify. No programming skills or hours in front of your computer needed. Migration is simple and quick with Cart2Cart.