opencart to shopify migration checklist

Lots of e-merchants have been putting off their store migration from OpenCart to Shopify for fear of too much mess. To ensure that the replatforming process doesn’t go awry, we’ve created this quick, comprehensive checklist. It is targeted at those store owners who have already decided to switch from OpenCart to Shopify, but don't know where to start yet. Besides, this post will also come in handy as it includes more detailed and in-depth info regarding each step of the migration process.

Before you start

Prepare your OpenCart store

    • Back up the data

Backup your OpenCart store database using the available backup plugins, or take advantage of a backup option of your hosting provider.

    • Conduct OpenCart store data audit

Take stock of the store database and clean up it for unused files, obsolete records, inaccuracies, or other problems.

Prepare the Shopify store

    • Get your Shopify store ready

Sign up for a trial account at and select a theme for your store.

    • Choose a theme

Choose the default Shopify theme. Do not make any changes at this point, since it may negatively impact the switching process. When the migration is over, you’ll be able to alter the theme as required.

    • Install necessary plugins (if required)

If you want to migrate the OpenCart store user reviews, please install the Product Reviews app before the migration. Check this link for installation instructions.

Set up OpenCart to Shopify data transfer

Configure the Source cart

Choose OpenCart as a Source cart from the pop-up menu and type in all the necessary access details in the corresponding fields.

Install the Connection Bridge

Download the bridge file to your computer and unpack it from the zip archive. Then paste it to the root directory of your OpenCart store (more details here).

Specify the Target cart

Select Shopify as your Target cart and install the "Migration for Shopify" app (more detailed info here).

Select data for migration

Specify the store entities you want to transfer to your new Shopify store.

Specify migration extras

Choose the additional migration options that can improve the result of your store data transfer.

Map customer groups & order statuses

Match your OpenCart order statuses and fulfillment statuses to the corresponding ones on Shopify.

Launch a free Demo migration

Transfer up to 10 entities to Shopify for free within 15 minutes (more info here).

Start Full migration

Click the Start Full Migration button to initiate the Full OpenCart database transfer to your new Shopify store. When finished, check the migration results and enjoy the possibilities of the new platform.

Find more info about Shopify migration in this post.

Post-Migration Recommendations

    • Install the necessary apps from the marketplace

If you want to recreate the previous eCommerce functionality on your new Shopify store, find the required extensions at the Shopify App Store.

    • Make your store look great

When you have all the data transferred to the Shopify platform and you’re happy with the result, it’s time to customize the theme of the store. You’re free to customize the default theme or add a different one.

    • Invite customers to reactivate their accounts

Inform your customers that you’ve moved and ask them to reactivate their accounts. We recommend the “Bulk Account Invite Sender” app to send an invitation email to all your customers.

    • Test your Shopify store

Take time to test the new Shopify store in different browsers for any possible issues. Perform a test purchase to see if everything works properly.

Сheck out this post for more detailed and in-depth info about post-migration steps.

OpenCart to Shopify Migration - FAQs:

Will migration to Shopify affect my current OpenCart store?

With Cart2Cart, your existing OpenCart store will not be affected in any way. The service just copies the data from the OpenCart store and pastes it into the Shopify platform. Therefore, your existing OpenCart store will be fully operational and available to customers during the whole migration process.

Does Cart2Cart migrate images from the old OpenCart store to the new Shopify one?

Absolutely. Via the Cart2Cart service, the images of your existing OpenCart store products, categories, and manufacturers will be automatically exported to the new Shopify store. Besides, you can also migrate images in descriptions of products, categories, and blog posts just by selecting the corresponding additional option.

Does Cart2Cart support reviews migration from OpenCart to Shopify?

Yes, Cart2Cart has the necessary functionality to convert reviews from OpenCart to Shopify. However, you should install the free Product Reviews app on your Shopify store before the migration.

In fact, the whole OpenCart to Shopify move isn’t that difficult if equipped with the right tools (like Cart2Cart) and planned thoroughly. Consult this store migration checklist to ensure a smooth experience while migrating your store data to a new destination.