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How to Migrate to Shopify via "Migration for Shopify" app?

If you want to relocate your current store to Shopify with the "Migration for Shopify" app, follow the instructions below step-by-step:

How to Migrate to Shopify via "Migration for Shopify" app in 6 steps

  1. Source & Target Cart Setup
  2. In the appropriate fields of the migration wizard, specify your current shopping cart platform and provide the store’s URL address (if migrating from an open-source cart) or the store’s API details (if migrating from a hosted solution). When done, install the Migration for Shopify app by activating the matching button.


    Note: The access details are required to establish the connection between the stores automatedly. The provided information is totally secure and protected according to the Cart2Cart Privacy Policy.

  3. Install the App
  4. Install the Cart2Cart Store Migration App and proceed with the migration setup within your Shopify Admin Panel.

  5. Choose the data to migrate
  6. Select the store data and additional migration options you’d like to be exported to Shopify. Just click on the respective checkboxes or click on the Select All option to transfer all the store stuff.

    opencart options
  7. Perform Data Mapping
  8. Match Order Statuses, Customer Groups of your current shopping cart to the corresponding ones on your Shopify. Data will migrate accordingly to the set relations.

    opencart mapping
  9. Launch demo migration
  10. Test the service in action by launching the demo migration. Besides, it will allow you to transfer a limited amount of data from your current store to Shopify and see how the store entities will look on the new platform.

    opencart demo
  11. Start full migration
  12. Just activate the Start Full Migration button and get ready to have all your current store data migrated to Shopify in a fully automated manner.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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