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How to send an account invite or bulk account invites from a Shopify store?

Cart2Cart provides an opportunity to migrate all your customers to Shopify, but unfortunately their accounts will not be moved. Thus, e-merchants need to invite clients to the new shopping cart and ask to reset their passwords right after migration. There are two modes of sending account invites included on Shopify stores - individually or in bulk.

How to send an account invite in 6 steps

In order to send an individual invitation, do the following:

  1. From your Shopify admin go to Checkout Setting and in the Customer accounts section check if customer accounts are set to optional or required.
  2. If сustomer accounts are set to disabled, change it to ‘Accounts are optional’ or ‘Accounts are required’. Only then you can send customers account invites.
  3. Go to the Customers page and select the name of the customer. After opening of his information page, in the right top corner click 'Send account invite' to get a standard Customer Account Activation email notification template.
  4. Customize the template by switching the sender and editing the text or subject line.
  5. Also, there is an opportunity to select blind copies recipients.
  6. If you’re satisfied with the email, you can send it from Shopify or your default email app. Select the desired option. By clicking 'Send email' you let Shopify to send the messages for you and the 'Contact customer with your default email app' button gives an opportunity to use a personal email sending app.

As for creating bulk invites, you have to use an app to send emails to all your customers. Shopify offers a paid app Bulk Account Invite Sender and its price varies depending on a number of emails you'd like to send.

You can also look through Shopify manual to get a detailed instruction concerning the issue.

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