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Interview with Cart2Cart Migration Expert Vitaliy Naumenko

One of our experts, Vitaliy Naumenko, recently appeared on the Merchant E-commerce Podcast to share critical advice that business owners should be aware of when switching shopping cart platforms. Vitaliy was able to help David understand some of the unexpected problems that business owners often don’t anticipate, the timelines involved, and other tips to make the store data migration process easier. Editor's note:We thank David for inviting Cart2Cart to his podcast. We tried our best to provide exhaustive answers to the essential migration-related questions asked by every merchant who plans to switch to a new ecommerce platform. To ensure you get all the conversations from Merchant, please subscribe to their YouTube channel. P.S. Free Demo migration is always at your service to give Cart2Cart a try in less than 15 minutes.

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youtube channels to follow

11 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Sell More In 2024

To keep pace with evolving web technologies, you should constantly learn more about building and running your online business correctly. Сovering everything from productivity tips to personal branding, YouTube is...

Experts' Insights | 6 MIN READ
upgrade magento to 2.2

Why Upgrade Magento to 2.2? A How-To Manual for Beginners

Obvious that constant software upgrade is essential and inevitable nowadays, especially if you want to keep up with the latest eCommerce trends and take your place among market leaders. Recently,...

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migration to shopify

Kurt Elster about The Decision to Stick with Shopify Exclusively

  After a short pause, we are happy to continue our series of interviews with ecommerce experts sharing their experience and useful recommendations. Today, we are lucky to learn from...

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AI Powered Personalization

9 Things You Need To Learn Today About AI Powered Personalization

In today’s hyper commoditized world, personalized digital experience is the only way to delivering a superior customer experience. In fact, according to a recent study by Business Insider, about 80%...

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e commerce migrating and its benefits

E-commerce Platform Migration and its Benefits

Replatforming is not a proactive practice or planned by E-commerce owners, marketer, entrepreneur or Fortune 500 CEO. Most often, there’s a various driving issue that forces a company for E-commerce...

Experts' Insights | 7 MIN READ
10 Examples Of Bad Website Design That Steals Money From You

10 Examples Of Bad Website Design That Steals Money From You

Did you ever feel overwhelmed about amount of marketing content out there? Like, all that stuff about how your online business must operate, and how to take care of your...

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Stop war in Ukraine