Richard Lazazzera, the Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand, Shares his Experience

Cart2Cart is excited to present the interview with the creator of "A Better Lemonade Stand" e-Commerce incubator, talented blogger, and worldwide known digital market expert - Richard Lazazzera. As a writer of books and highly popular articles he knows exactly how to intrigue the reader and provide him with useful tips. And today, he has kindly agreed to share his thoughts with our readers:

1. Richard, your e-Commerce incubator is immensely helpful for e-merchants starting their own businesses. Now, that you have over 20,000 monthly readers, you can be described as a celebrity in the e-Commerce blogosphere. What reasons made you choose this particular career path?

A: I fell in love with e-Commerce over four years ago and I started blogging about e-Commerce two years later. A Better Lemonade Stand really began as just a way for me to distill and journal my thoughts and ideas about e-Commerce.

It quickly evolved from a place to journal my thoughts to an incubator that supports and inspires when I realized that I could have an big impact helping other entrepreneurs. For me, the emails I get from entrepreneurs that start their first business because of A Better Lemonade Stand are some of the most important emails I receive and they have become my motivation and the reason that I am steadfast on this path.

2. As the work on “A Better Lemonade Stand” clearly demonstrates, you are quite an original and innovative copywriter. Where do you find inspiration for article ideas, what spikes your imagination the most and how do you handle creative stupors if they occur?

A: My goal with almost every single post is mostly the same. Inspire and provide practical advice that people can actually use right away. I have very clearly defined my audience and that audience has no more time to waste on fluff and filler content, concepts and ideas. They are excited about e-Commerce and need content that is straight to the point and actionable.

When I write a post I carefully research what what’s already available online, I then set out to make my post the most comprehensive on the topic. When it comes to choosing topics, I choose to write what I think my audience needs to know to get started on their journey.

3. What would you say is main purpose of your blog and how do you see its development in the future?

A: The overarching purpose is to get more people started in entrepreneurship and in particular, e-Commerce. I truly believe entrepreneurship is fundamental skill that everyone must learn. The number of skills that a simple, even micro e-Commerce business can teach you extend way beyond business and make your a more well rounded person.

For me the future of A Better Lemonade Stand began in January. That’s when I re-positioned the brand from just a e-Commerce blog to an online e-Commerce incubator. This change will be dictating the type of content I build out and my approach to that content. A blog will simply be a small component of something much bigger that will reach, inspire and evoke action in many more people.

Richard Lazazzera, the Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand, Shares his Experience

4. Your posts on the “A Better Lemonade Stand” are vivid examples of useful and talented
writing. What advice would you give to a blogger who’s only starting in this field?

A: My first piece of advice is to start. Starting has a magical way to uncovering opportunities and paths. Once you start writing and building even a small audience, you'll start learning what works and what doesn't work. In time your direction will become more clear.

Ultimately though, blogging is hard. Really, really hard. I think that you have to love what you writing about and be truly invested in it to become truly great at it.

5. Knowing this much about e-Commerce, you are probably an expert on the matter of shopping carts. Thus, can you share some of your views on the subject? Which shopping platforms do you consider the best and which one is your personal favourite?

A: As you can imagine, this depends on your situation, your preferences, your location, your product and your business model. In general though, if you’re just starting and or are still relatively new to e-Commerce, do yourself a favour and go with a hosted cart. The thought of dealing with IT headaches, malware, hacks, patches and updates seems insane while also trying to build a business.

Many people will try to go with a self hosted options usually because it's cheaper. Remember, you're building a business and your platform is one of the most important pieces. Invest in it.

6. Have you ever dealt with shopping cart transfers? If so, do you consider automated migration services to be the tool to perform them with, or you prefer any other methods?

A: I haven’t yet had the experience of having to move shopping carts. I’ve been pretty fortunate that the carts I have chosen from the beginning have always worked well for me throughout the life of the business.

7. Since we’ve just stepped through the threshold of 2015, do you have any e-Commerce forecasts for this year? Have you set any personal goals to achieve by the start of 2016?

A: Every year e-Commerce is becoming more popular so it’s safe to say this will be a big year for e-Commerce. Things like Apple Pay and other payment types will begin helping mobile conversions which will be good new for everyone.

As for me, I want to keep building out A Better Lemonade Stand as the go to place for starting an e-Commerce business and continue building partnerships that will benefit my subscribers.

We’re deeply grateful to Richard for such curious and explicit answers. Keep reading our blog, as much more interesting interviews and fascinating e-Commerce articles are still to come.