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Does the service preserve all IDs during the migration to Shopware?

The options of Preserving the IDs for customers and orders are available for all Shopware versions.

But: The Preserve the IDs for products option isn't available within the latest Shopware versions 6.x.x (e.g.6.0.0, 6.2.0).

preserve ids

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Is it possible to transfer my current store coupons to the new Shopware store?

Absolutely. Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to migrate the Coupons entity from various shopping carts to Shopware. However, keep in mind that the Coupons migration is available only for the newest Shopware 6 version. For previous Shopware 5, the option is unavailable.

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How can I configure taxes on my Shopware store?

While migrating to Shopware you may come across the distinction at prices. The point is, the cost of the products, displayed in Shopware Admin Area, already includes taxes, unlike gross prices in the database.

Please note: Cart2Cart does not migrate gross prices!

To configure taxes and show gross prices in the frontend, follow the instruction:

  1. Log in to your Shopware store;
  2. Choose the Configuration from Header;
  3. Move on to Basic Settings;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     shopware taxes
  4. Open the dropdown menu via clicking on Shop Settings;
  5. Select Customer Groups from the listed options;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                shopware taxes
  6. Select an appropriate Customer group;
  7. In the Details widget, you can configure taxes by ticking the appropriate box.

shopware taxes

Due to your personal needs, Change default price to gross or choose the Gross price displayed in frontend option.

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Why my products' thumbnails haven’t been migrated to Shopware?

Products’ thumbnails are not migrated by default to Shopware. Therefore, you have to generate them with the help of the Thumbnail Generator in Showare 5. It allows creating thumbnails of your original pictures in sizes you are able to configure beforehand.

shopware thumbnails

To generate thumbnails in Showare 6, visit Thumbnail Settings in your admin panel and activate the thumbnail generation for the required products.

shopware thumbnails
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Why are my Shopware orders not visible after migration?

In case your Shopware orders grid is empty after migration, the reason can be the cached platform. We recommend you to clear the Shopware cached files following this route Settings -> System -> Caches & Indexes.

shopware orders shopware orders
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How to set up integration with Shopware?

To create a new integration for data transfer in Shopware, navigate to Settings → System → Integrations.

how to add shopware integration

Click the Add integration button. When done, type in the Name of the integration, assign the Administrator permissions to it and press the Save integration button.

how to add shopware integration

You'll also receive an access ID and a security key for your integration. Note that the access key is displayed only once due to safety concerns.

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How can I export products from Shopware?

In order to securely export products from Shopware, follow the instructions given below:

    1. First of all, download the free Shopware “Import/Export” module from the Shopware app store. It allows you to export your product data to XML or CSV formats.
    1. In section “Export” you need to choose CSV format. Note that Products in Shopware are called “Articles”.
  1. When you choose what Products you want to export from Shopware to CSV, start export by clicking on “Export starten” button. You will see the progress bar on the screen with the process of importing Products to CSV.

Find more detailed instructions at the Shopware Community or contact Shopware support team.

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Is multilanguage migration to Shopware possible?

Once you want to switch data of the multiple languages to Shopware, you can perform the migration to the following shopping carts: Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, ThirtyBees, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, X-Cart, xt:Commerce, and Zen Cart.

In case you want to investigate the other online stores where data import of multiple languages is supported, visit the following Cart2Cart page.

Note, Shopware includes only English and German languages by default, but they require additional installation. The other languages could be added however this option is charged. You can download them here.

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