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Is it possible to move my store from Summer Cart 4.0?
Yes, this version of Summer Cart is supported. (more…)
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I would like to perform migration from Summer Cart to Magento. Will my old URLs will be transferred to a target cart without losing my positions on Google?
Unfortunately, for now it isn't possible to migrate SEO URLs from Summer Cart to Magento. Cart2Cart supports migration of SEO for Magento, OpenCart, CS-Cart, PrestaShop, PrestaShop Cloud, WooCommerce, Virtuemart 2.x, Shopify, WP eCommerce, Bigcommerce, AceShop, MijoShop, X-Cart, osCommerce, Jigoshop, ePages. However, you will be able to configure it after transferring completion. Check our article for more details. (more…)
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Do I need to generate any API Key for my Summer Cart migration?
No, you don’t need any API Key for Summer Cart migrations. All you have to do is just to upload bridge to your root directory. You can get more detailed information here - Non-API carts migration scenario. (more…)
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Can you migrate passwords for my Summer Cart users?
Cart2Cart does not provide option of password migration, passwords hash only. Please note that hash is irreversible function. Also each shopping cart uses different $salt values, so, unfortunately, passwords cannot be reversed. (more…)
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Is there any requirements for Summer Cart migration?
Summer Cart requires PHP 5.1 or newer, Apache 1.2 web server or newer, MySQL 4.1 or newer and free IonCube loaders installed. (more…)
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