If you find your shopping cart in the list, then you should follow this Migration Scenario.

If not, go to Migration Scenario for API (Hosted) Shopping Carts.

Supported Open Source Carts

Migration process is a very responsible procedure. To transfer your data smoothly and quickly, please stick to the following steps.

Pre-Migration Preparation

Before starting migration make sure you have:

  • Source Store installed and available online. Source store is your current store you want to migrate FROM.
  • Target Store installed (without additional modules or modifications) and available online. Target store is the new store you want to migrate data TO.
  • FTP/Admin accesses to both shopping carts.

1. Back-Up Your Data
During shopping cart migration, Cart2Cart service does not delete any data from your source shopping cart, but only copies it and moves to your target cart. However, to ensure proper level of safety, make sure to back-up your store data on an external memory storage like USB flash drive, DVD or a hard drive. You can also use the back-up option provided by your hosting service, if there is such.

2. Secure Access Info
You need to make sure you have all the current and new web hosting information at your disposal.

Access Type Required Info
Store Admin Panel access
Admin panel access information is set during the installation of the shopping carts
  • Login form URL
  • Username
  • Password
FTP access
If you’re changing your hosting provider, make sure to have access for both of your shopping carts
  • Hostname or IP address
  • Username
  • Password

3. Install Your Target Shopping Cart
Make sure your target shopping cart is installed and running before you start your migration. I case you've changed a hosting provider, please make sure your hosting plan has enough space to accommodate all the data. If you need assistance with installation or re-installation of your target shopping cart, make a target cart installation request that is provided for additional cost.

Your source cart, as well as your target cart should be live when you start your migration. Both of your stores should have different URLs and folder paths.

Note. Specific Requirements for Customized Shopping Carts

In case your source or target shopping cart is in any way modified, i.e. has non-standard configuration settings, you can request Customized Migration Service. In this case, Cart2Cart tech engineers can apply certain customizations to the standard migration configurations, provide additional modification of your store, implement changes with your product images, categories, etc.

Contact Cart2Cart support center to request Customized Migration Service for your store migration.

Migration Process

1. Estimate the Cost of Your Migration
The cost of your migration with Cart2Cart is highly flexible. It all depends on the number of entities you are looking to migration to your new shopping cart. Follow the Migration Estimator to calculate the exact price of your shopping cart migration.

2. Register an Account
To start your migration right away, all you need to do is register an account you’ll be on your way to setting up your store migration. Based on the estimated cost of your migration, add funds to your account to make sure you have enough money for starting your store transfer.

To save your time and resources, Cart2Cart tech engineers can take care of the whole migration process for you. Go ahead and order Data Migration Service Package to let Cart2Cart professionals do the job for you. If you’d prefer to proceed with your migration yourself, log in to your newly-created account right on Cart2Cart website and start creating your new migration.

3. Setup Your Shopping Carts
Make sure to exactly follow the Migration Wizard to setup your source and target shopping carts.

Migration Requirements

Include Your Store URL
Make sure that your source and target cart have different URLs

Download the Connection Bridge
Follow the detailed instructions here to download connection bridge files for both of your shopping carts

Right when you download and setup connection bridge files for both of your carts, make sure to do the following:

  • Check Firewall, so that it wouldn’t block external access to the bridge files
  • Turn off website redirects, i.e. 301, 302, etc., so that Cart2Cart could have direct access to the bridge files

4. Select the Entities for Migration
At this point, select which type of entities you want to migrate, such as products, product categories, customers, orders or everything at once.
Note: you can not migrate the items of one type selectively. If you choose to migrate the products you will not be able to migrate only certain amount of products, or only the latest added to your store. You will migrate all the products that are in your source store database.

You can also choose additional options for migration. They are:

  • Delete current data from the Target Store before the migration
  • Preserve order IDs on the Target Store
  • Preserve customer IDs on the Target Store
  • Create product variants based on the combinations of attribute values
  • Strip HTML from category and product names
  • Transfer images in product descriptions to your target store
  • Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

These options are provided for additional cost, so make sure you have enough funds on your account. Not all the additional options are available for each shopping cart, so check the list of supported options for your particular platform.

5. Map Languages
If your source cart is multilingual, you can map all the languages that are present in your source cart to the corresponding ones in your target cart. To be able to do that, make sure your target cart settings allow you to support multiple languages. If not, change your target cart settings accordingly.

6. Map Order Statuses
If you have chosen to migrate your orders, you can map certain order statuses from your source cart to the target cart. If there are specific order statuses that are not supported in your target cart by default, make sure to change the settings in your target cart and add the missing order status types. Only after that you will be able to migrate that information.

7. Start FREE Demo Migration
At this point, you can start your FREE Demo Migration. Only a limited number of products, customers and orders will be migrated at this step for you to check how Cart2Cart migration works. Approximate time of Demo Migration is 10-30 minutes.

Make sure not to close your browser window during the actual Demo Migration. Until the demo is done, you will not be able to check the results. Only after it’s all over, you will be able to see the results on your target shopping cart.In case any issues evolve on this step, please contact our Support Team.

8. Migration Insurance
Choose one of the Migration insurance plans to restart your transfer if needed. Thanks to it you will not need to worry about unforeseen circumstances, such as bugs after improper shopping cart installation, third-party add-ons modifications, etc.

The price of Migration Insurance vary from 9% to 13% of total data transfer.

9. Start Full Migration
Right at that point, you can start your Full Migration. If there’s not enough funds on your account, you will be asked to charge it. If you have a discount coupon code, include it in the appropriate field on the same page.

At this point you can close your browser window. You will receive an email notification when the Full Migration is over. The results of your Full Migration will only be visible on your target store after it is done.

Post-Migration Checkup

Right after your store migration is completed and you’ve checked the results on your target store, you can finish setting up your new store. This includes managing data, not available for migration (store design and content, SEO details, etc.)

1. Migrate Recent Data After Full Migration
If during or after your Full Migration new products, customers or orders have appeared on your source cart, you can request Recent Data Migration Service and Cart2Cart will migrate all the recent data to your target store at low price. This will save you time and resources and ensure that your new store is up and running on time.

2. Request for Remigration Service
In case you need to implement your shopping cart migration all over again for the same source and target stores, you can request Re-migration Service. This may often happen if the source or target cart hasn’t been properly setup, some fields are missing before or during migration, migration data is corrupted because of some additional modifications, etc.

The cost of Remigration Service is calculated as 50% off the price of your Full Migration. It can be requested as a separate inquiry.

3. Test Your Website
At this point, all you need to do is test your website to see if everything works fine. Check if your domain name is active and working. Check all the data within your website once again. Pay attention to the links: they all should be working properly.

Do not cancel your Cart2Cart account right away. Wait a couple of weeks and check your website. This way you’ll make sure everything’s migrated properly. Keep an archive of your old store in case you’d need to double check anything.

If any questions or issues evolve, please contact our Support Team and we will gladly help you!