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Can you migrate pages from X-Cart?

Sure. Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to migrate the Pages entity from X-Cart to various shopping carts. However, keep in mind that the Pages migration is available only from the 5+ version of the X-Cart solution. For the previous X-Cart versions, the option is unavailable.

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Moving product and customer IDs when migrating to X-Cart

Yes, Cart2Cart supports migration of Product and Customer IDs to and from X-Cart. To do this, please choose the "Preserve Product IDs on Target Cart" and "Preserve Customer IDs on Target Cart" additional options.


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How can I clear the cache on my X-Cart store after migration?

Once your automated migration is completed you will be able to check transferred entities on a new X-Cart store. But, sometimes products are not visible from the store front. To resolve this, you will need to clean the cache on your new store

To do that, login to X-Cart admin panel and go to System Settings -> Cache management -> Re-deploy the store on the top right.

Re-deploy the Store

After go to the store front and refresh the page to see your products. In case there are additional questions, feel free to contact our Support Team for help.


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Will my reward points be moved to X-Cart 5?

Yes, we do support migrations of reward points to X-Cart 5 e-Commerce solution, namely, shop owners can transfer:

  1. Reward points that are given to customers after the purchase
  2. Reward points customers already possess
  3. Reward points that are included in orders details.

However, in order to make migration of such entities possible, merchants will have to activate the “Loyalty Program Module” prior to the transfer. The module is easy install, costs $99 and can be downloaded from X-Cart’s official website in a few clicks. (more…)

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How to upload the Connection Bridge to X-Cart 5?

Cart2Cart Migration Module enables simple and quick data transfer from your current shopping cart to X-Cart 5.x. It allows to migrate products, categories, customers, orders and other related info.

Please note: before starting data transfer make sure your Source store platform is listed among supported shopping carts.

To start your migration to X-Cart 5 you have to follow these steps:

1. Login your X-Cart 5 Admin Panel.

2. Navigate to Home menu and select “Modules”.


3. In the top right corner select option “View more addons in Marketplace”.


4. Find the Cart2Cart module you need and tick “install box


5.Navigate to the bottom of the page and press “Install modules” button.


6. Go to the Home menu and choose Modules -> Cart2Cart module you have installed.


7. You will be directed to Cart2Cart tab where you have to enter your email and password to log in.


8. If you are new to Cart2Cart simply register a fresh account.


9. Now you need to download the Connection Bridge to your current store. It will enable data interaction between two platforms. You can read more info about Connection Bridge and how to use it here.

How to upload the Connection Bridge to X-Cart?

Please note:if your shopping cart is hosted and you don’t have an access to your FTP start your migration directly at Cart2Cart website. To enable interaction between platforms you will have to provide API Key, Token, Path, etc. However, you will have to proceed to the next step and set up the Connection Bridge for X-Cart since it can be only done via Cart2Cart Migration Module.

10. Now install the Connection Bridge for X-Cart 5 and proceed to the next step.

How to upload the Connection Bridge to X-Cart?

11. At this step you will be redirected to Cart2Cart Migration Wizard that will take you through the rest of shopping cart data transfer.

How to upload the Connection Bridge to X-Cart?

12. Choose your cart type from the drop-down menu and enter your source store URL.


13. Select X-Cart 5 from the drop-down menu and provide your store link.


After following these steps you are 100% ready to switch to X-Cart 5. In case if you have any questions regarding migration procedure feel free to contact our Support Team.

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Can I use “Preserve customer IDs” option during X-Cart migration?

Due to certain platform restrictions, “Preserve customer IDs” additional option may not work out properly in some particular cases.

  • For X-Cart 4.3.x and lower:

Though “Preserve customer IDs” additional option is available to choose from the list, customer IDs won’t be preserved during migration to or from X-Cart (version 4.3.x and lower). If X-Cart is Source Cart, customer emails will be set instead of customer IDs.

Why? There is no such thing as “customer ID field” in X-Cart of version 4.3.x and lower. This makes preservation impossible.

  • For X-Cart 4.4.x and higher:

If customer IDs on Source Cart include any other symbols except numbers, the IDs won’t be preserved on X-Cart as well (4.4.x and higher). Otherwise, customer IDs preservation will be performed correctly.

For example, customer id “2337” will be preserved, but “user2337” - will not.

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Can Cart2Cart migrate related products to and from X-Cart?

Yes, we do support migrations of related products to and from X-Cart. However, such transfers are only available for X-Cart 5.x with the free Related Products module installed.

It's necessary to have the module installed prior to the migration procedure.

Can Cart2Cart migrate related products to and from X-Cart? (more…)

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