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Why weren’t my Volusion customers migrated to WooCommerce?

During the Volusion to WooCommerce migration, only those customers can be transferred that have the “Customer” status (they’re indicated with the “C” symbol in the “accesskey” file exported from Volusion). All other users are not migrated in the default migration.

volusion customers
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How to export data from Volusion in CSV Based Format

Due to the Volusion peculiarities, there is step of migration process when you are required to export data from shopping cart to CSV file. You have to take the following steps:

1. Go to your Volusion admin area;

2. Choose the Inventory tab. From the drop down menu select Import/Export function;

How to export data from Volusion in CSV Based Format

3. Proceed to Standard Export tab;

4. Choose Export From option and from the drop down menu select the type of entities you need to export (products, categories,etc.) Check the necessary columns in the list of items;

standart export

  • 5. Choose the file format you want to export to. In your case it is CSV.

    product types

    6. Click Export button and then Download the file to your computer.

    Right after that you have to upload saved file in the corresponding field on Migration Wizard

    Watch the video tutorial presented below to get a 360-degree view of the whole process:


    If during exporting files from Volusion, excluding those marked as “optional”, you get an error “There were no records returned for your export”, do the following steps:

    1. Download blank file templates from here;

    2. Upload these files in the appropriate fields;

    3. Download generated file to your local computer;

    4. Upload saved file in the corresponding field below.

    Please note: if the size of downloaded CSV file exceeds 600 MB contact our Support Team to avoid any possible migration issues.


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    How to migrate images to Volusion?

    Since Cart2Cart only generates the link to images on the source server but doesn’t actually move them, you will have to transfer images manually. During migration setup it is recommended to pick an additional option “Preserve product image URLs ” and generate image URLs. In a case, this option is unchecked images will be displayed from your Source store and when it will be down, images won’t be shown on a Target store any more. When you’ve selected this option, after migration you have to copy the folder with images from the source shopping cart to Volusion. To do that you have to:

    1. Create a new site in FileZilla (File->Site Manager)

    Create a new site in FileZilla

    2. In the appeared window select a New Site. Name the item “Volusion”

    Create and name a new site

    3. Pick the site you’ve created and set up a new connection in the right side of the window.

    4. Go to Menu “General”

    • Fill in host details.
    • Protocol -> FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    • Encryption -> Use plain FTP
    • Logon Type -> Normal
    • Specify user name and password

    Set up a new connection.

    5. Enter Menu “Transfer Settings

    Transfer mode -> Passive. Save changes

    Choose Transfer mode

    6. In the control panel choose the site and connect to the server.

    Choose the site to connect to the server

    7. While connecting you will be asked to confirm that the server is trusted. Press “Always trust certificate in future sessions” and press OK.

    Confirm that the server is trusted

    8. Go to the following path: /web/assets/images and upload here the folder with images from the source shopping cart.

    Enter the path

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    How to preserve product image URLs to Volusion?

    Cart2Cart do not move image URLs but creates links from Volusion to the source store images. That is why images and image URLs stay the same, but are not displayed from the admin panel.

    When the source store is down, images will not be displayed on the storefront either. So, you will need to move one media folder manually from the source store to Volusion.

    Check the following instruction to find out how to make images displayed after source store is down.

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    Can I export files from Volusion?

    Due to recent changes in Volusion pricing plans, it is necessary to be subscribed to Professional, Business or Prime plans if you want to get an opportunity to export files.

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    How to import data to Volusion store after migration is completed?

    Due to Volusion platform peculiarities, you will need to upload migrated data to your new store manually. In order to do this, you will be provided with CSV files, that can be easily imported to your new store from the admin area.

    So, here is a step-by-step instruction that will show you how to import migrated data to a new store.

    1. At first, login to your store admin panel and go to Inventory -> Import/Export.

    How to import data to Volusion store after migration is completed?

    2. After, select the type of uploaded data in Import to field and choose file that you’ve downloaded from Migration Wizard.

    3. Then, set overwrite option to “Clear entire table (delete all records), and replace with this import file” and press Import button.

    Please Note: Select this option for all tables Except for Customers. For this data, you have to set “No, do not change any records already in my database” option.

    How to import data to Volusion store after migration is completed?

    When all data is uploaded to your new Volusion Store, refresh your template and check the result from the back and front end of the shop. If there will be additional questions, you are free to contact our Support Team for help.


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    What are the peculiarities of users migration from Volusion?

    Within Volusion automated switch, the service migrates only those users who are having the “Customer” status (marked as “C” in “accesskey field” of your CSV users file ). All users with other statuses, e.g. “Partner” will be skipped.

    Look for an example here:



    Q: Will the orders placed by skipped customers be moved?

    Yes, all your orders will be migrated. However, those orders made by untransferred users will be tied to a "Guest" user group with no customer details available.

    Q: How can I migrate the customers in other statuses?

    Migration of customers in other statuses can be performed by means of a customized migration that is offered in terms of a Data Migration Support Package.

    In this case any migration-related questions occur, feel free to contact our 24/7 support staff.

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