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How to migrate images to Volusion?

Since Cart2Cart only generates the link to images on the source server but doesn’t actually move them, you will have to transfer images manually. During migration setup it is recommended to pick an additional option “Preserve product image URLs ” and generate image URLs. In a case, this option is unchecked images will be displayed from your Source store and when it will be down, images won’t be shown on a Target store any more. When you’ve selected this option, after migration you have to copy the folder with images from the source shopping cart to Volusion. To do that you have to:

1. Create a new site in FileZilla (File->Site Manager)

Create a new site in FileZilla

2. In the appeared window select a New Site. Name the item “Volusion”

Create and name a new site

3. Pick the site you’ve created and set up a new connection in the right side of the window.

4. Go to Menu “General”

  • Fill in host details.
  • Protocol -> FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  • Encryption -> Use plain FTP
  • Logon Type -> Normal
  • Specify user name and password

Set up a new connection.

5. Enter Menu “Transfer Settings

Transfer mode -> Passive. Save changes

Choose Transfer mode

6. In the control panel choose the site and connect to the server.

Choose the site to connect to the server

7. While connecting you will be asked to confirm that the server is trusted. Press “Always trust certificate in future sessions” and press OK.

Confirm that the server is trusted

8. Go to the following path: /web/assets/images and upload here the folder with images from the source shopping cart.

Enter the path

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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