How to add variable product in WooCommerce (1)

WooCommerce is the world's leading eCommerce platform that impresses its clients with stunning opportunities and continually opens the door to new enhancements. According to Built With, currently this WordPress plugin runs over 41 % of eCommerce sites in the entire internet.

Recently, we observed a big number of Google entries on how to add variable product in WooCommerce thus, decided to talk about it in more details.

There is no doubts that if you sell products in different versions such as size or color, the best solution is to apply variable products. This is the ultimate way not only to attract more customers by giving them the fullest overview about interested goods but to boost sales too. Luckily, with WooCommerce, you can easily add color, size, images to a single product by default that gives to your website a professional look. All that is left for us is to figure out how to add product variations in WooCommerce avoiding any troubles or entities breakdown. Stay focused and let`s put an end to it once and for all.

How to add variable product in WooCommerce: detailed guide

We promise you that our guide will be as simple as possible. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and enjoy your new store enhancements very soon!;)

Step 1: Managing products attributes

Before creating the variations for products, we need to set up attributes. To do so you need to:

  1. Choose Attributes in the left hand menu.
  2. Selection_129-1

  3. Give a Name to your attribute. Enter the Slug (optionally) and Enable Archives if you wish to enable your customers to browse by product the attributes.
  4. In a Type section, pick up Select if you wish to have the same attribute values for your entire store.
  5. Choose Text if you're willing to type new values to the attributes.
  6. Select the Default sort order( “Name”, “Name (Numeric)”, “Term ID” or “Custom ordering”).
  7. Then, click in “Add Attribute” button.
  8. Selection_132

  9. Now, choose the "Configure terms" button to add attribute values.
  10. Screenshot-from-2017-07-31-15-05-16

  11. Add a New Attribute name. In our case it`s gonna be 3 new attributes names: Small, Medium and Large.
  12. Selection_132

  13. Here we are! Now we are ready to continue with adding global attributes to products.

Step 2: Adding attributes for products

  1. Go to a left hand menu and click on Products>Add Product or Edit an existing one.
  2. Screenshot from 2017-07-31 12-54-42

  3. Pick up Variable product from the Product Data dropdown. Choose one from the list and click Add.
  4. Selection_134 (1)

  5. Press on “Select all” button and click Save attributes.
  6. Selection_136 (1)

    Keep in mind that you`re able to add an attribute for 1 product only if this product has unique variations. To do it, go to Product > Add Product, choose the Attributes tab and pick up the Custom product attribute. Then, follow the above step-by step instructions.

Step 3: Adding variations

  1. Go to Variations section. Сhoose Add variation from the dropdown menu and press Go.
  2. Selection_137 (1)

  3. Next, choose the attributes for your variation.
  4. any-color-any-size-550x215

    Note: If your navigations exceed 10, use the buttons to navigate you through list.

    variations-pagination-550x196 (1)

  5. Next, add the image to your variation. Simply expand the triangle icon, click the blue image and choose the desired image from your computer.
  6. Selection_140

  7. Almost done! Pick up the appropriate product category for your variable product and press “Publish” button. That`s it! Our congrats, you set up variable products in WooCommerce.

What`s the bottom line?

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