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Digital Marketing Manager at Cart2Cart. I love e-Commerce, design, technologies and furious keyboard smashing. Wanna be friends? Add me on Facebook, little fella.

Interspire to OpenCart Cart2Cart migration experience

Interspire to OpenCart — Cart2Cart Migration Experience by Pixelhaus Studios

Every new interview with our dear clients and partners is always a special event. For us, the Cart2Cart Team, it’s a chance to get to know more about our users...

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sales funner optimization

How to Optimize Sales Funnel with Timely Call to Actions

CTA can make a great difference to your sales funnel success and conversion rate ultimately. These small, provoking messages of different shapes, senses and sizes, are the hooks with baits...

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Cart2Cart Introduces WooCommerce Multilingual Migration

Great news for all WooCommerce store owners, or those who are planning to become one. Today, Cart2Cart service introduces the support of multilingual WooCommerce migration! (more…)

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Interspire to OpenCart Migration - Out with the Old, In with the New

Here, at Cart2Cart, we love reading our customers’ feedback. There is nothing more rewarding than reading the words of praise and appreciation, and nothing more useful and motivating than reading...

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Every Time I See a Client that Wants to Transfer, I Recommend Cart2Cart — Nick Quirk

If a client wants to transfer, I recommend Cart2Cart - Nick Quirk

How is it going, e-Commerce people? Tired of sweating and squinting? So are we. That’s why we decided to hide from that ubiquitous sunshine for a while (in a true...

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Cart2Cart Got Revamped — New Design, Better Quality

“Progress is impossible without change.” George Bernard Show On June 1, 2016, Cart2Cart celebrated its 7th birthday. Driven by your trust and loyalty, we achieved more and went further any...

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