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bigcommerce to opencart migration

Bigcommerce to OpenCart Migration - The Story of Carolina Fonseca

Every year tens of thousands of retailers prefer selling online over a traditional brick-and-mortar distribution model. Carolina Fonseca, our today's guest and a proud owner of Nutrivita Suplementos e-store, went...

Success Stories | 3 MIN READ
Magento product types

Drawing the Line Between Magento Product Types

When using Magento, you’re in the fullest control over your store. That’s what makes it so wonderful. And a bit over-complicated too. Consequently, the purpose of some of the most...

Shopping Carts Reviews | 3 MIN READ
woocommerce to woocommerce

Dave Di Pietra on WooCommerce to WooCommerce Migration Using Cart2Cart

Those who make customer service their priority achieve success. Dave Di Pietra -- an entrepreneur, animal lover and Cart2Cart user -- is one of those people. Being an owner of...

Success Stories | 3 MIN READ
pros and cons of open source shopping carts

Pros and Cons of Open Source Shopping Carts

Have you heard that online business is too complicated and expensive for an average person? This is a pack of lies. Even more, there are a lot of arguments that...

Must-Know Tips | 2 MIN READ
shipping secrets

Simple Secrets of Superb Shipping

To turn your first-time customers into recurring ones, you need to stand out and shine brighter than others. And since price dumping is barely an option, a distinguishable quality of...

Must-Know Tips | 2 MIN READ
instagram ecommerce

Instagram: Powerful Tool to Gain More Profits for Your Business

It may come as a surprise, but many businesses are successfully using Instagram to build trust and gain customers’ affection, and, surely, make their profit graph go up (similarly to...

Must-Know Tips | 4 MIN READ
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