Every Time I See a Client that Wants to Transfer, I Recommend Cart2Cart — Nick Quirk

How is it going, e-Commerce people? Tired of sweating and squinting? So are we. That’s why we decided to hide from that ubiquitous sunshine for a while (in a true geek’s fashion), and share with you something fascinating — the latest edition of Cart2Cart’s interview series.

This time, we’ve been lucky to have a conversation with a true SEO/e-Commerce specialist and Cart2Cart client — Nick Quirk, from 1SEO Digital Agency.

Here’s how it went:

Nick, please tell our audience a bit about yourself - how did your professional path begin and what made you pursue a career in digital marketing?

My professional path started with owning my own web development and marketing company while I was in still a high school student. It took off after high school and I gained about 50 clients. Then, I started to notice a drop in business owners wanting websites due to the economy. As with many freelancers out there, the inconsistency starts to hurt you financially and you need to move on.

I made the best decision of my life when I started a new job with the national SEO firm, 1SEO.com Digital Agency. Digital marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon and it will continue to grow in the years to come. My mentors, Lance Bachmann (CEO of 1SEO.com Digital Agency) and BJ Bergey (Director of SEO) helped me learn this space and become a true digital marketing expert. Being able to watch clients double their business with the right strategy is very satisfying for me.

As an SEO/web-marketing specialist, what, would you say, is the #1 mistake e-merchants make when it comes to web promotion?

The number one mistake e-merchants make when it comes to internet marketing is not being able to create the strategy that will help them increase their organic traffic. You need to make sure you are running a technical audit on your website monthly to analyze progress and ensure you are not duplicating your meta information or content. It is common to see an e-commerce website have duplicate issues because of similar products, and it's important that you minimize that.

Recently, you used Cart2Cart to transfer data from CSV files to Magento. How did it go? Was the procedure confusing at any point? Give our service an honest review.

Honestly, every time I see a client that wants to transfer from one e-commerce platform to another, I recommend the Cart2Cart migration. Having the ability to go through and get a quick estimate for our clients on the pricing, and to have that guarentee of the transfer, saves my team here at 1SEO.com Digital Agency a lot of time and really helps the client's project move a long. We've used the Cart2Cart migration a handful of times and we've had no complaints. We had confusion at first when we had a custom platform migrating to Magento, but the team at Cart2Cart answered all the questions we had.

How did you come across our migration tool, and will you be using again in the future?

We don't see any other migration service come close to the customer service and the pricing that Cart2Cart can provide us. We will continue to recommend this service to any of our clients that do a migration from one platform to another.

Finally, are you and your client happy with Magento so far? Is the platform advanced enough marketing-wise, what’s your professional opinion?

Our client was overly satisfied with the amount of time Cart2Cart could migrate 7,000+ products from a custom platform (csv file) and dump it right into Magento. The client loves how robust Magento is compared to other shopping carts. From a SEO and development perspective, you need to make sure you setup Magento correctly so you avoid any negative impacts from duplication. Magento and Woocommerce are the only two e-commerce platforms we start our clients with depending on the needs and wants for the client.

Thanks, Nick, for such interesting answers. Good luck to you, and to all our readers. Stay tuned to our blog, as much more interesting talks, e-Commerce news, manuals and articles are yet to come.