Why Web Stores Fail and How to Fix It like Eminem

Have you started your own online business but profit is still not really impressive? And are you willing to know what can be a reason and the way to avoid failure and losses? Then you need to tune in to motto “No pain, no gain” as once well-known singer Eminem has done. To rock with it, we have chosen three main things that result into failure of online business. And if you don’t find them useful, maybe, at least Eminem’s songs will inspire you to act.

No doubt that nowadays launching e-shop is easy and quick process as the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. However, you don’t have to forget that you are not only one who want to be a big e-boss, so the competition is going to be harsh and cruel. Thus, let’s find out why’s of failures on digital market and methods of fixing them together with motivating Eminem’s songs.

Design is like Cleaning Out My Closet

First impression is always important, there is undoubtful need to make web store attracting and stylish. Your customers love bright shops that get on the right side and provide a positive experience. But in case if store is not reputable, it looks like messy closet.

Verdict: To solve this problem, you need to create a professional design. The best option is hiring a designer who has an experience in e-Commerce. In addition, try to provide more trustworthy details about your company like phone number, business аddress, e-mail, etc.

Don’t forget about great thing to increase sales - reviews. Together with social media integrations, customers will get a possibility to share the happiness of online shopping at your store and make other people know about you.

So, clean out your closet and, instead, built a stunning web store.

Lose Yourself Navigation

The normal occurrence is when customers before making purchases try to look for information. And as a matter of fact, you have to make them not to lose themselves clicking over web store pages with efforts to find the necessary details. Thus, your task is to improve poor navigation and search options or customers will just go away.

Verdict: Among the various methods to fix the problem, just let clients to search for what they are looking for using autosuggest, category filters, searchable categories, etc. Moreover, going in step with the times, you need to make sure that e-store can be accessed via mobile devices, so customers are allowed to find necessary items using their smartphones or tablets.

Become Superman with Fast Checkout

One of the most popular weaknesses of web stores is the checkout process. Usually, customers don’t pull a punch with the purchase, when they need to spend more than two minutes for online transactions.

Verdict: The point is to make checkout procedure simple and quick by off-page optimization. As a major goal you need to minimize page load time improving customer shopping experience. Furthermore, you may add a progress bar to let customers know the details of payment process.

Avoid such mistakes or if you have already faced them, fix and get at the top of e-Commerce charts. We hope that notes of motivational Eminem’s songs will inspire our favorite vendors to improve and provide their customers with the best experience.

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