5 Most Read Winter Articles that Warmed You Up
Bright spring sun starts to strike through clouds and make us understand that winter finally tanks. New season is always a reason to bottom-line all the activity done and continue with new powers and motivation. Such time has also come for Cart2Cart team as well. So, we would like to summarize what our customers liked to read during the period of snowy and frosty winter days. Therefore, what are top 5 articles that have attracted our favorite readers attention?

Understanding Online Shopping Behaviour [Infographic]

Understanding Online Shopping Behaviour [Infographic]Not a secret that many readers prefer articles which include graphical material like infographics. It is obvious that they give a possibility to get to main points easily and not to take much time. One of the articles which took its place on the winter top 5 ranking has also caught an eye of our readers. And now just answer the only question: is it necessary to understand your customer? This article together with the infographic illustrates the importance to know what the client expects and needs. Presenting the information about motivation factors, predictions and statistics is truly useful for e-merchants who intend to succeed in their online business.

10 Must-Have Extensions after Moving to Magento

10 Must-Have Extensions after Moving to Magento

One of four businesses chooses Magento for its online store. However, after the switch to one of the world’s best shopping carts many get lost in a variety of extensions offered at Magento Connect marketplace. How to customize the store and make its management more convenient? An article suggests really important extensions which will help you to enhance your:

  • SEO;
  • Tax management;
  • Products reviews;
  • Mobile commerce;
  • CMS capabilities;
  • Store management;
  • Marketing campaigns;
  • Customers support;
  • Email marketing;
  • Performance.

Major Expectations of 2014 eCommerce Year

Major Expectations of 2014 eCommerce YearJust when 2014 has begun, Cart2Cart tried to sum up the main expectations for a new year. What products and releases are online vendors waiting for? Of course, Magento 2 starts the list and becomes the most long awaited shopping cart for the last couple years. There is no doubt that new features and enhancements will not disappoint e-merchants, but become a great surprise to enjoy. Another anticipating solution is PrestaShop 1.6. It offers a set of improvements and new home theme which surely deserve online businessmen’s attention. Notice that this expectation is already fulfilled as PrestaShop release has been announced lately. Also, CS-Cart SaaS can be a right platform for those who start their way on e-Commerce. Cloud-based version of the cart is going to solve a number of problems that can be faced with server configurations or lack of powerful features. Considering X-Cart 5 it has also been among awaited shopping carts and appeared to become well updated version. And actually, recently developers presented it to the public. As platform team has brought to notice all the comments and offers of their customers, this release pledges to hit a home run and appears to be a really pleasant gift for web store owners.

How to Lose Online Customers in 5 Easy Steps [Infographic]

How to Lose Online Customers in 5 Easy Steps [Infographic]

There is one popular saying that customer is always right. However, online businessmen have to make them always satisfied. So, we have decided to take a closer look at the problems which can make e-merchants lose their clients. What can disappoint and should be taken into the consideration? The infographic provides common store owners’ mistakes and advises to care about:

  • order accuracy;
  • fast delivery;
  • scheduled delivery;
  • order tracking;
  • inexpensive shipping.

An Interview with Tom Robertshaw: Magento Won't See Competition Over the Next Couple of Years

An Interview with Tom Robertshaw: Magento Won't See Competition Over the Next Couple of YearsA Managing Director at MeanBee, a person well-known for his eCommerce survey and Magento guru, Tom Robertshaw gave us an exclusive interview this winter. He expressed his opinion about key points of Magento move and management, gave some insight pre- and post-migration tips, introduced his own predictions for e-Commerce market in 2014. Moreover, Tom shares the experience with the industry and describes the moments which are really interesting to know for our readers.

That’s 5 articles that have caught our readers interest on Cart2Cart’s blog and gave an opportunity to find out more about the world of e-Commerce on winter days. We got warmed with your attention and feedback that inspires us to cheer you up with our new articles and news.