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PrestaShop Pricing

Investing Wisely: Calculate the Total Cost of a PrestaShop Store

Going by market share alone, PrestaShop may not be as popular as some of the other eCommerce giants like Shopify and WooCommerce. But, it still packs a punch in the online retail sector, given how versatile it is when building small and large-scale stores alike. That said, what is the true cost of building an eCommerce website using the software? Overview of PrestaShop Pricing Plans Right off the bat, PrestaShop comes in two flavors: Classic and Hosted. The choice of one over the other comes down to your technical skills (in other words, can you code?), budget, and how hands-on you intend to be as far as backend store management goes. With that in mind, here's an overview of each pricing plan. PrestaShop Classic The Classic plan is available to users as an open-source free download and does not include the associated expenses of purchasing a domain name, hosting plan,...

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Cart2Cart vs Matrixify

Cart2Cart vs Matrixify: Making an Informed Decision for E-commerce Data Migration

Cart2Cart vs Matrixify – These shopping cart migration tools are designed to help online store owners migrate their eCommerce websites from their current platform to a different provider. Think –...

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How to Protect Your Website from Cyberthreats

Wix Security Basics: How to Protect Your Website From Cyber Threats

In general, more than 2,200 cyberattacks are reported every day. That’s one security breach every 39 seconds, on average. eCommerce stores are the most targeted websites, given the sensitive nature...

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Wix Mobile Optimization Techniques

From Desktop to Pocket: Wix Mobile Optimization Techniques

Wix optimization for mobile optimization is the process of making sure that mobile users can access your website content in a way that guarantees a user-friendly experience. This means your...

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Troubleshooting eCommerce Store Migration

Troubleshooting eCommerce Store Migration: Common Issues and Solutions

eCommerce store migration is a pivotal moment for any online business, promising growth, enhanced features, and improved user experience. However, the journey from one platform to another isn’t always seamless....

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Simplifying the Shopping Experience: How to Improve WooCommerce UI/UX

User experience (UX) is vital to the success of e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms like WooCommerce have to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience for online shoppers – they have...

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Optimizing Your WooCommerce Store for Search Engines: A Complete SEO Guide

The world has no shortage of eCommerce platforms. Perhaps the most important feature to look for in a shopping cart platform is how SEO-friendly it is. In other words, what...

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